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Did I Call # 52!!! (F.U.N.K) 24 April 09

Give it up for the LBD style video production.

It brings back memories of Detroit’s WGPR TV 62 (America’s First Black Owned Television Station…s’what they said). All of the programming had a distinct flava (as they say).

I don’t know if I’d eat at this place though. I wonder if their chicken is good? Ribs?

I recently visited Texas and literally got sick from either too much b.b.q. or inhaling too much b.b.q. smoke or both.

But I’ll share this photo with you from Ted & Kate’s wedding feast:


BBQ Porn

BBQ Porn

Yeah…man,not as good as my Uncle Leroy’s ribs (word to Big Bird), but I did make myself ill. And even three weeks later the smell of smoked meat makes me a little nauseous. 


Now let me drop that new nu joint by Martin Luther the King Jr. called, “I Have A Dream”, he outta A town,y’all.

Let’s get it poppin’:

I think my head is going to explode everytime I hear this

Did you hear me call #52?!?


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Uncomplicated 20 April 09


All See-ing I & I

All See-ing I & I

“You think it’s over now…this is only…this is only…this is only,THE VERY BEGINNING”


If you’re going to sing a song you should mean it. If you don’t mean it, you should shut the fuck up.


Hey, look at me…I’m on twitter!!!



Will I ever be able to read a book again? I’m addicted to the internet/e-mail/electronic gadgets in my pockets that bring me closer to thee.

I feel like I have the concentration of a flea.

I want. I want. I want. I want.

I want to turn that voice in my head off…the one that demands an update from the rest of the world every 15 minutes.

All you need to know is this:

You’re soul may or may not already be dead.

Hey, you can lie to yourself, but DO NOT lie to me. o.k.?

“I’mma Put It On Her” is my unofficial jam of the summer (I hate you Diddy).

I’ve tuned my heart strings to some fly ass Joni Mitchell schitt.

That bitch is the devil,yo. The devil. Who loves the devil?

Time Travelers love rediscovering the lamest schitt in their nostalgia safari’s.

You may not be smarter than the average bear. You o.k. with that?

Seed+Sunlight+Dirt+Water=New Life 

Ideas+Positivity+Work+Skill=New Juice

"I asked for water...and they gave me rosé wine"

I miss talking to people that actually know stuff. Wikipedians sound like jackhammers with their limited arsenal of facts scoured. Conversations nowadays are similar to fucking arm wrestling…dumb fuckers so hell bent on being “right” or “knowing more” that they are void of the good social graces that make having a conversation in the first place worth a damn.

Hey Paul Sternberg, this ones for you…and all the schitt I learned at your heel. Hey Matt Mapes, this ones for you…and all the schitt we discovered being baby eagles not afraid to fly off that cliff.

I’m going to smoke a whole lot of ganja and eat a whole lot of ganja food now. I’m going to get completely out of my head today, and once I’m there I’ll let the musical instruments available to me teach me 3 songs I REALLY like (originals & covers).

It’s not hard.

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