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Thanks For Continuing To Visit 22 Nov 09

Daylight Savings Time

I’ve been pretty M.I.A. around these parts. And if you asked me why it would be because 2009 has been an amazing year (both pro & con) thus far.

There are still plenty of inflammatory ding-dongs that make each and every news cycle a health hazard for thinking mammals…but maybe my focus is changing.

Maybe it was the beauty brought about by global warming this year… San Francisco was the perfect backdrop for a summer of fun, with it’s unseasonably warm nights and sunny (fog free) days. For the first time in my life I found myself thinking like a real estate agent (i.e., Pilgrims).

Maybe it was being caught up in the throes of laughing it up with friends & family.


This Ain't No News Cycle

See how it works…I came back to apologize for neglecting this place (my fortress of Appreciation & Vexation) and I end up sharing how thankful I am for being able to walk more and more of this beautiful Earth each year…at the top of the American High Holiday season even (Though Thanksgiving is nothing more than “Black Friday Eve” to the hordes of “good little boys & good little girls”).


I'm This High On Life

I’m already excited about 2010. I promise not to pit it into competition with 2009.

Hope you all have a pleasant and relaxing Thanksgiving.

Let’s do something soon.





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