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Ummm…OH YEAH!!! 20 Jan 09


The Many Conotations Of Kool-Aid

The Many Conotations Of Kool-Aid

    In my lifetime few things have been hyped up beyond all recognition (or Hubar)  like the triumphant victory of 44th President of the United States of America Barack Obama.200px-michaeljacksonthrilleralbum Michael Jackson’s Thriller comes to mind. 9-11 & Post 9-11 patriotism. New Kids On the Block-mania. Dave Chappelle(’s career ending) “I’m Rick James Bitch”,Star Wars,Disco, Friends, Mc Hammer, Bone Thugs N Harmony (talk to some broke people), Titanic, Batman,            The Matrix. Dig?

Well…This is “The Super Black World of…” ©, of course we are excited for the Obama family and America.

We are witnessing history. But let’s comeback to earth for a moment. The campaign is officially over tomorrow. Today the champagne will flow. Today the multitudes will sing and dance with glee. 

I’m glad Bush is gone. That was hands down the most depressing Presidential administration of my life (to date). I lived in Austin, TX. when Bush II  became Governor of Texas. He was and never will be a smart or bright man. Yet he was elected President…twice.  Dude was clever.

So here we are in the aftermath of Bush II , America is officially FUBAR (fucked up beyond all recognition) thanks to a something for nothing “credit mentality” and a something for nothing “foreign policy”, add the attitude of spoiled excessive privelege.  

Like I said…I’m excited for the Obama family, I’m excited for America, I’m glad the world is glad to see a new face on American politics, I’m glad this face is a phenotypically a black face, I’m glad this man is seemingly intelligent and well disciplined.

But President Barack Obama you must address Palestine & Israel IMMEDIATELY!!!



The Israeli’s responsible for the massacre in Gaza should be held accountable as war criminals. The fact that they decided to massacre Palestinians inbetween the election & inauguration of old lame duck President of the United States & new “There’s Only One President At A Time” President of the United States is such political bullschitt, that the shaming should never be forgotten…along with everything else we’re never supposed to forget.

Also, the architects of the War In Iraq should be tried as War Criminals also (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, etc.).

And the officer that murdered Oscar Grant in Oakland,CA. New Years Day should be made an example of…to all law enforcement that responds with excessive force and especially wrongful death.

So yeah, it’s time to get down to business. The Banks, Wall Street, The Economy, Detroit, Race, Foreign Policy, Environment, Health Care, Education, Parenting…

Now is the time to hold this President’s feet to the fire. If we get s’mores…then gotdammit we get s’mores and move the bum out in 2012.

If this administration is listening to the people (Not just AIPAC) we will see results, and WE will have achieved something.

“First Black Manager of This McDonald’s” (© B-Love), that’s cool.

Now change that bullschitt menu,sport.

Proud To Be An American



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