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Note: These damn fools are old enough to drink (maybe), which means they’re not a part of the fertility drug quintuplets/drudiplets craze going on in the burbs.

A few things that come to my mind.

A.) The invention of a sterilization ray gun can’t come fast enough.

B.) When gel goes wrong

C.) There goes the motherfucking neighborhood, we’ve got Guido’s

D.) Agent Smith let’s his hair…down,up…fuck it i’ont know?

E.) Look out N’sync!!!


with that said, have you all seen that television show “Black.White.” on F/X?

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The premise of the show is:

Two families,one “black”, one “white” are made up through the art of Hollywood make-up artists to appear as the other race. In disguise the families are put into different scenarios (like a focus groups,or a job in a bar patronized by all white males), and try not to break cover. They also live in a house together and discuss their experiences on camera. The executive producer of the show is “Amerikkka’s Most Wanted/Barbershop” himself Ice Cube (who just gained 20 bonus cool points for making this show a reality).
That’s some important television for your ass,right there,sporty.

It helps me pose the question,”Are these motherfuckers really in denial, or just really damn dumb as a rug?”

Either way, the trash medium of reality television couldn’t be any more pleasing or inflammatory.

Do yourself a flavor and watch that schitt!!!! (I must’ve passed out from exhaling)

I’m going to listen to “Death Certificate”,now and go to the Post Office.

p.s.,I don’t hate white folks…”Walk the Line” was a good ass movie,buddy.



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@ Random 14 March 2006

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Hey look…here's a picture of my nephew.

His name is Daniel, his folks call him Niho.

He was born on Valentine's Day. Today he is one month old. (Good job, Mike & Maile)
I haven't spoken to his Dad, my brother…My father's 2nd son, in jeez…a good minute.

My brother is in the Army. (I hear he's going to Iraq in a piece.) He was (already) in Afghanistan.

He and his family live in Hawaii. His wife is Hawaiian. They also have another son. He's 9 or 10.

I'm going to give them a call this evening, it's been to long.

There are a few of you out there that I haven't spoken to in a minute.

All is well here, I hope all is well there.

We'll talk.
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I took a photo of this rainbow from the living room, the day after my Mother left from her 1st visit to S.F. (she loved it).

To me, it was further confirmation that things are on the right road…wherever this road is leading me us.

I don't know about you, but I've had my years of brilliantly stubborn independence.

I did it my way or the highway. I burned bridges, fought to the death, kicked ass/got my ass kicked,paid dues and paid some more, you get the picture,right? I'm sure my days of scrapping aren't over, but now it's wise to pick those battles. I'm glad to be at this point at this age…*whew*

My folks and I have been through the thick of it together as well,yet in hindsight it really doesn't feel that bad. We can talk about anything now (even my father), openly and honestly. The fact that I can spill my guts and be frank with the 2 people responsible for my being on this planet means a whole lot. I've got nothing to hide from them.That is truly an amazing feeling. I hope Niho, and all the other children out there get the love and acceptance that I got in those early developmental years. It's truly what seperates the bad ass motherfuckers like me, from the wards of state.

Looks like I'm going teddy bear shopping.

Since this is @ Random and I can talk my schitt K.West style…

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I took my mother and my girl to go see Dave Chappelle's Block Party (opening night, thank you very much), and let me just say…WOW!!!

It felt like I'd gotten into a time machine and traveled back into those B.C. (before crack) days, when black folks could just be…what is it?…BLACK, without all of the menacing, tragic, anguish currently selling itself as "Ghetto".

Thanks Dave.

On top of that, I got to see my ol' school marching band (Central State University,whaddup?), tons of good music, and some of my favorite entertainers, along with a dash of responsible political commentary. Oh yeah…and Erykah Badu (*twirls in a circle smiling*). Oh, Erykah Badu…I ain't even into skinny-mini girls, but mmmm-mmm-mmmm…

I should just go ahead and take that bass player gig in the Roots, that dude don't move me, none.


So, yeah…go see that. Call your folks and just shoot the breeze with them…Go look at some babies that look like you and think about what you can actually do to help them out, and be able to make a connection to them in a dozen/15 years (it goes SO fast, now)… don't let nobody cross your shield & spear with any bullschitt…give an extra heap of loving to whoever is holding you down on the love tip (Yummy, it's me & you girl)…and most of all (again) love yourself.

p.s. if the weather is right I'd say go ahead and pull out that Earth Wind & Fire "That's the Way of the World" album…perfect soundtrack for holding down any & everything.

p.p.s. yeah…I love doing this schitt. Wait til you see the t-shirts!!!


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