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C’mon Thunderdome…not like this…not like this 5 March 08


I’ll be back with my commentary later…it’s a little to psychedelic to unleash on the public right now.

But I will say this.

When I dropped out of college (the first time), it was the autumn of 1989. I was disenchated with the HBCU I’d landed at in the middle of Xenia, Ohio.

“Who’s idea was it to put all these negroes out in the middle of a racist cornfield ?”,I thought.

I remember packing all of my schitt into my ’81 Monte Carlo (w/T-Tops), stopping by the one little record store they had there in Bumblefuck,OH. and picking up the then just released 2nd album from Terence Trent D’Arby (see the 3 Nov ’07 entry)”Neither Fish Nor Flesh”.

Appropriately enough the first track “I Have Faith In These Desolate Times” set the tone for that car ride back to Detroit. You couldn’t tell me schitt back then…the tape deck had auto-reverse.

I feel the same way today about Sen. Clinton and her spin on the Obama campaign and it’s hypn-o-tizing effect on the rabbit-hearted masses.

‘Who’s idea was it put that NGH in the middle of a racist cornfield?’

Yet and again, I still have faith in these desolate times.

more later plebians 


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