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T.T.D. for Pres-o-dent 3 Nov 07

“I grew up on rock as my ideal and always wanted and planned to
put my spin on it. R&B was never as exotic for me or as challenging.
Plus the fact that according to the colonialists and the
confusionists, we are not supposed to re-visit our own creation and
gift to Anglo culture. I find absurd beyond words. Rock belongs body
and soul to me as much as to another, and it is like playing with a
fire that makes so many others nervous, that in and of itself makes it
more exciting to work with. I will never agree to place racism and
it’s weak arguments above the music my spirit wishes to make. Every
great hero that I have ever looked up to, I have because they suffered
the same tribulations as I. From Miles Davis to Goethe, they all
endured ass-beat downs for moving beyond critic’s comfort zone, as if
that is why we are here, to remain in someone else’s artificial
comfort zone. I as a warrior come, and we simply follow orders and
leave complaints to the ‘complaint association.’ ”
– Young Terence Trent D’arby…currently known as Sananda Maitreya

Love the clip, and an even better quote from a certified artisté.

I used to always figure someway to have “Sign Your Name” playing when I was dropping my highschool thing-thing at her house after those fun evenings of lobbying for some of that sweet funky stuff.

Nothing against Cee-Lo, but seriously…he’s about all you get in the “Soul Singer” model these days. What’s really up with that?

Now watch that clip again.


How many craggy-faced rockers wanted this negro out of the game?
(Terence currently lives in Italy…with his Italian wife, ‘nuf said *cough*in exile*cough*)

Mick Jagger most certainly lathered himself when he saw this tribute.

I think this was the point when America was done with Terence, because had he continued to burn schitt up like this…under the radar?!?!? There’d be a lot of lame “legends” where he is now and vice versa.

And who’s buying those Kid Rock albums anyway?

Burn Fire. Baby, It’s alright.


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