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A Loud Color 22 September 07

                         ( Make sure to also watch “The Shock Doctrine” below it.)

New Orleans resident Louis Harding gives a tour of the community center he opened one month before Hurricane Katrina hit. “Before the storm, the building was a loud color. In fact…it was so loud you could hear it before you could see it,” Louis had spent years trying to open the Marcus Garvey Resource Center and then it was destroyed when the levees broke.

Despite the setback, 72-year-old Harding refuses to call it quits. He was on a mission to combat poverty in the African-American community in New Orleans before the city flooded and he hasn’t given up.

While sorting through the debris of his life, Louis discusses the importance of history and how life for African-Americans in New Orleans has changed in the last 100 years.

“A Loud of Color” is one of several short documentaries produced by the New Orleans Video Access Center which profile New Orleanians and their struggle to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.

Several New Orleans filmmakers were challenged to create a short documentary on New Orleans as we try to gain support from the nation to help rebuild our great city.

The stories provide a snap shot of life in New Orleans following Katrina from a local point-of-view.

The budget for each short documentary is $500.

Regardless of race, religion or class this whole country needs to reassess/retrofit itself, from man’s inhumanity towards man to the very infrastructure that we depend on everyday and on down the line.

The government can’t do all of that.

Individuals must take control of themselves and the information they give and receive.

Above all: Keep It Clean


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The Shock Doctrine 20 September 2007

                                                           repeat after me,gang:

                           ….The sky is not falling, I repeat the sky is NOT FALLING !!!

“Very interesting…the spooky animation gets a 10,Infotainment at it’s finest”       -says,”the Super Black World of…”©

“George Bush hates Black people” -says, Kanye West

“It’s getting ugly out there”- says, the old curmudgeonly news guy on CNN

“This war is all about oil”- says, Alan Greenspan (America’s elder statesman of finance)

“YOU GET A CAR & YOU GET A CAR & YOU GET A CAR & YOU GET A CAR!!!!!  -says,Oprah Winfrey

“Bitch set me up” – says, Marion Barry

“Trimspa, Baby” -says, Anna Nicole Smith

“They’re underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them” -says former first lady Barbara Bush

“I don’t got a perm , but i’ss jussa baby perm though”- says Toni Gator Rhodes

“Ze beatings will continue, until ze moral increases !!!” – says, unknown facist

“I don’t do drugs” – says, Paris Hilton

“Ba-da-ba-ba-aaaaah, I’m Lovin’ It”- says, Justin Timberlake

“Crack Is Wack”-says, Whitney Houston

“That is SO ghetto” -says, unknown hipster gentrifying former redlined area


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Negro Runs Out of Magic…Again 17 Sept 07



Do you all remember that EW&F cut “Changing Times” (from 1981’s Raise album) ?

Looking at O.J. makes me think of that song, I don’t know why.

Q: What is he smiling about or, is that his “mask” ?

I’d love to hear from the real soul brothers & soul sisters on this one.

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You Big Dummy 14 Sept 07


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Know Yr Rights pt.II Protecting & Serving 13 Sept 07

(if you can’t see this video, cut & paste this:


This is actual footage of two police officers from Melvindale, Michigan (one of whom remains on the force, the other was discharged after fixing tickets in exchange for sexual favors).
They are seen and heard, and the closed captioning illustrates, trying to coax a man from his home so they can beat him.

This preliminary footage demonstrates how they planned to get him out of his home later by illegally towing his truck from his driveway in order to “beat him to death” and “shove this flashlight right up his asshole.” They tell him he is “creating a disturbance” although it is not an offense to be “creating a disturbance” in your own home.

Just before they leave, one officer gives the Nazi salute of “Zeig Heil” for the camera, and you can hear them and discuss how they’re going to come back later, get him out of his house to justify a charge of “public disturbance” and beat him.

It’s incredible. 6 officers surround him on his own lawn, one maces him, one hits him in the back of the head with a shotgun and they all beat and kick him into unconsciousness.


Hey gang, I just watched Mr. Bush’s address concerning the latest slight of hand policies concerning U.S. troops (wassup,Mike?) in Iraq.
The verdict is hundreds of billions more dollars taxpayer money & thousands more killed (U.S. & Iraqi) to “protect us from Islamic terrorist”.

Well…considering I’ll sleep easier tonight knowing that the “Islamic Terrorist” are contained over in “Boogie-Manistanabad”…
What the fuck are we gonna do with the crazy armed terrorist that patrol our streets?

In the words of KRS-ONE (from the Boogie Down Productions album “Ghetto Music”) “You were put here to protect us, but who protects us from you?”

I’m on my way to buy a small video camera now, until next time.

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Keep It Clean with Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap 9 Sept 07

                               Song performed by Charley Jordan

So…how many times have you found yourself reading the “Dr.Bronner’s Magic Soap” bottle in the shower?

You know where I’m going with this,right? If not…( watch this ):

A product that promotes “Unity of a free mankind 6 Billion strong through the knowledge of the ‘Moral A-B-C’s”, and it makes my nutts tingle sparkly clean for a good half hour, 45 minutes after I’ve had a shower?!?!

You’re move Steve Jobs.

I’m going to find this documentary and watch it.


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Peacefully 3 Sept 07

I’m recalling my 6th grade teacher Mr.Williams asking the class why we celebrated labor day.

Without missing a beat Rico Brown’s arm/hand shot into the air enthusiastically.

“Rico ?”, Mr. Williams nodded and gestured towards him first.

Rico’s answer, dancing inside his head ready to burst from his smiling mouth, right arm/hand still tickling the emptiest space in the entire classroom, happily blurted out as if he were securing the Jeopardy Daily Double ® before heading into Final Jeopardy ™…

Some Bar-b-que !”

I still don’t know why we celebrate Labor Day.

Current Faves:

Stevie Wonder-My Cherie Amour ( A Capella )

Cameo- Alligator Woman

Standing Up


Marvin Gaye- Too Busy Thinking About My Baby ( A Capella)

Playing the bass laying on the floor accompanying a capellas ( dope )

the outside world

cold grapes & coffee


Watching the moon move across the sky shrinking night after night


Time traveling


water ( hot & cold )

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