Did I Call # 52!!! (F.U.N.K) 24 April 09

Give it up for the LBD style video production.

It brings back memories of Detroit’s WGPR TV 62 (America’s First Black Owned Television Station…s’what they said). All of the programming had a distinct flava (as they say).

I don’t know if I’d eat at this place though. I wonder if their chicken is good? Ribs?

I recently visited Texas and literally got sick from either too much b.b.q. or inhaling too much b.b.q. smoke or both.

But I’ll share this photo with you from Ted & Kate’s wedding feast:


BBQ Porn

BBQ Porn

Yeah…man,not as good as my Uncle Leroy’s ribs (word to Big Bird), but I did make myself ill. And even three weeks later the smell of smoked meat makes me a little nauseous. 


Now let me drop that new nu joint by Martin Luther the King Jr. called, “I Have A Dream”, he outta A town,y’all.

Let’s get it poppin’:

I think my head is going to explode everytime I hear this

Did you hear me call #52?!?


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