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Ants Go To Picnics/Boycott Yrself 30 June 08

Boy am I glad that over the last ten years I’ve devoted more time to smoking that bionic chronic than I have to:

Owning/Driving an SUV

Washing my brain with corporate culture

Starting a family

oh here’s more Noam Chomsky:

These interviews come from AlJazeera English , and man, why do I keep wasting my time with CNN & MSNBC?

Listen, I’m not saying Noam Chomsky is the saviour…just like I’m not flat out saying all Americans are zombie brats that get what they deserve.

I still got love for these hoes though.

I mean, I am a real American too , just like Hulk Hogan, just like Bill O’Reilly


Oh yeah, for those of you who think I’m not interested in holding Barack Obama’s feet to the fire for spending more time eating potato pancakes with AIPAC than he has spent addressing real concerns about poor folks and poor black folks (cuz there is a difference,right?) it’s because I know the order of who gets to hold who’s feet to the fire first. Don’tcha know,don’tcha know?

And besides whine, what are we gonna do about that?  If you remember correctly, the Republicans ignored poor & poor Black America like the plague in ’04, the Democrats just lied & rolled over as usual. This ain’t no trend my friend, and what’d you really do with your stimulus cheque?

I do declare it’s high time that all the poor folks & poor black folks learned that a “trickle up” economy kills more Goliaths than Davids’. You just can’t keep sucking down all the schitt your addicted to and expect anything to change in your favor, right?

If I was interested in starting arguments I’d say we’re worshipping the wrong god here in the west.

these ants are dedicated to my Granny, she loves ants


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DRAGONSLAYER © ((when bats cry)) Eve. Ed. 4 June 2008


The list of “firsts” just keep on getting shorter doesn’t it? I’m glad…puts that whole “first black head coach in the Super Bowl” mentality into perspective, no?

Before I go to far off into a tangent I’d like to quickly say that CNN gets the gasface* for their coverage of Sen. Obama & America’s historic moment of racial whatchamacallit. MSNBC (as cooky as that lot can seem) did take a segment to really let the gravity of this milestone event in American politics have it’s moment. And I appreciate Keith Olbermann & Chris Matthews’ “Oh Schitt Moment” for what it was…whereas CNN decided to focus on the fact that  is a sore loser and that indeed Father Pfleger** was right.

So let’s extend that moment…share it here with each other, and hey, why not have a song?

People we are months away from the first nappy curls of hair ever  to fall ‘pon de White House sink and bathroom floor…let’s stay focused, if you’re gonna talk bad about folks hammer the fuck out of their shortcomings whilst being as righteous as possible…do not forget to say “bless his/her heart” after dressing down an opponent.

**Hmpfh?! A Catholic Priest getting all John D. Baptastical? Must be a sign o’ de times.

*Go Get A Late Pass


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