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“Write Up A Scroll On These Hoes… 30 January 07


…when they don’t act right.” Ess-Vee,vol.2 ©


I see some fools already trying to get gangster in ’07 .

Clearly there will be no shortage of “Scrub Of the Week ©” candidates, be sure to click over there and do the knowledge.

Sure…it’s my opinion.

How many people think deeply enough to even have individual thought & opinions these days? (Of course) …I mean outside of the blogosphere?

My belief is that the “p.c. movement” of the ’90’s has left a lot of people neutered. (There also seems to be less and less religious folk soul clapping,too. What’s up with that?)

Am I the only person bothered by the standardization of the individual thought? Does the fact that I firmly hold my own beliefs make me special, or a threat?

I humbly ax, “Whom is all the ‘critical thinking’ reserved for ?”

Anyways, I’ve got mine.

It makes it easier to digest… the bullschitt.


Yep, there’s a better way and as usual it’s hidden in plain sight.


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Testing, 1,2,3: Now W/ An Even Steelier Pulse 25 January 07

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Respect to the Masters.

I welcome the reader back to this playpen.

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Does it matter, though? I mean,,,I was still on the net everyday.
Were you?

Did you see Britney’s coochie?
See…the internet isn’t ALL good.

Yeah man, best believe ’06 was a great year indeed,,,,minus the deaths, the continous dumbing down trend, and all of the folks that sucked… my blood & soul,in the name of family,friendship or business.

I’m still here to show you the way,friends & frienemies.

R.I.P. James Brown & Alice Coltrane, I hear you.

Let’s continue to have fun up in here, till we have “seemingly” better things to distract us. Isn’t that the way real life really works?
You can’t abandon creative outlets, you just forget to use them and/or tend to think you can outgrow them.

Let’s look forward to another fun creative & prosperous cycle.

I’m gonna keep James doing the boogaloo in ’07, like I’ve been doing, you dig?

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