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Ain’t It Funky Now? Get On Thee Good Foot 1 May 08 to the bone.mp3 – 3.23MB]

Here it is,,,give it up or turn it loose.

Stone to the bone.

When I feel tense,y’all… I put on some James Brown. 

Kick drum and snare rapping the devil upside the head…punching ’em in de gut. (Send cheque or money orders to John “Jabo” Starks and Clyde Stubblefield)

Guitars and Bass occupy my head and shoulders and I, Shake it off…shake it off…shake it off…shake it off.

If I listen to Fela, someone will get their ass kicked,you dig?

So I’m riding with J.B. right now.

James Brown organ solos ramble poignantly, like when I talk about $4 gas or that white woman or as I call her now “” , you still refer to her as “Senator Clinton”.

(PC folks if the ‘spinning pizza wheel’ reference is lost on you…get a real computer).

I keep hearing, “Senator Obama and  ‘s ‘ policies are really similar, so it really doesn’t matter which of the Democrats get the nomination.” 


It’s the difference between dating someone with herpes and dating someone without herpes in my opinion.

 is damaged goods folks. Turn the fucking CNN off and do some research on Bill and

I swear. 

*dances to JB for a solid 3 minutes*

Forget about that election stuff,people. Fuggit…Fug-git. Let’s take a moment to get lost in the jungle groove

Cop this:

The James Brown Reader: 50 Years Of Writing About the Godfather of Soul                                            Nelson George & Alan Leeds

Yeah man…San Francisco & Oakland, camel walk up into Marcus Books swoop that.

While you shopping, you lil’ occidental q.t.’s…make sure you copped this from or added it to your Netflix queue :

I don’t know what you’re waiting for!?!?!?!  Folks we need to summon Wendell B. Harris Jr. back into the foreground of our popular culture. If you buy a copy of “Chameleon Street” and make five people watch it…who knows…perhaps…like Tinkerbell he will grow stronger and stronger and re-emerge to defeat the evil lazy minded boot-mouthed Tyler Perry machine.

You can’t expect Hollywood or Madison Avenue to like or love your ass…but I do. Once the sugar rush from Iron Man has left you bored with a tooth ache give Chameleon Street a chance. 

I liken this movie to being the ” De La Soul  3 Feet High and Rising ” of black cinema compared to the more popular “NWA Efil4Zagginhood tales like John Singleton‘s Boyz In Tha Hood and the Hughes Brother’s Menace II Society that permeated the frontal lobes of all impressionable young B.E.T.-ians in the ’90’s, schiiiiiiieeeet it’s actually more ” Digable Planets  Blowout Comb “,B. …except you cats haven’t seen this movie yet.

Pick up on this

Oh yeah…so, some of y’all have seen the “The Super Black World of…” © prototype t-shirts.

If you have one…send us a picture of you rocking that bidge. O.k.?

C’mon people.

Soul Power is one thing…but we also must have Mind Power : File – Mind Power.mp3]

Excorcise the bullschitt fear and fiction out for a moment…

Gimme Some Flute

Spend Spend Spend   Buy Buy Buy Relief Cheques in the mail…Direct Deposit Blah Blah Blah

I’m assisting you in investing your currency back into Soul Power & Mind Power,my beloved conspicuous consuming yesweAmericans.

turn off the t.v.

put down the newspaper

lookaway from the Perez Hilton’s

Do not eat of the tree of dullards 

set your autosuggestion to Make It Funky

Gotta Deal With It?

Then Deal With It





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