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¡ Basta ! 23 March 07

First I laughed, then the reality sank in.

This is so bad it’s borderline “art faggy”( I do hope Reh Dogg and John Cameron Mitchell’s paths cross, this is what was missing from “Shortbus” ). Take a good look people, I know some of you secretly thought James Brown was illiterate, but in the words of Andre 3000, “From this point on, it only gets rougher”.

I’m gonna call it right here, right now. The canary is out of the coalmine. For every step forward that African Americans took in the 20th century, I’m guessing by 2020 (thanks to what’s hot in “the streets” ) we’ll have hustled backwards ten steps to one.

I’m not mad at Reh Dogg,clearly this man has no friends…but someone should of told him to sit down and be quiet. Really.


Actually, I take it back…we deserve Reh Dogg. He’s clearly a d.i.y. Louis Armstrong type, morphing his autistic charisma and non-existant musical vision into an anthem for our flaky mediocre times. This is the urban equivalent to the 1980’s hardcore punk movement. He knows he’s bad, he knows he’s ugly but that won’t stop him, he must express the emptiness he feels.

I’m glad to share Reh Dogg with you. His vision gives hope to my vision…mine being that I will not die trying to make sense of utter nonsense.

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          …and the Politicians keep on screaming
By the powers of Auntie Shari,deliver us all.


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Alive Awake 19 March 07

Mmmm… let’s shake it off. Paradigm shift. I am the architecht.

I only answer to… creation (& high pollen counts).

Happy Birthday to all my Pisces people. Dad, Jackie,Cie,Wes,Carole,C.C., Simeon,Sam,Carol, Sly

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San Francisco Funk/Soul Leaves Me Cold 14 March 07

Right on, right on.

In case you missed it, I said stuff about being from Detroit.

I expressed my superior funky/soulful ways.

I demeaned the nature of the I-10 durrty-durrty transplants here in the Bay Area.

I left the video as a symbol of S.F.’s wackness when it comes to things funky/soulful.

I erased the text, because it was too good to share for free (there’s hardly ever any comments,yo…I don’t mind though).

and yeah…bring on the sun

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The Lyre Bird is HIP-HOP 14 March 07

I’m sure they weren’t lyre birds, but there was a bird (when I lived in Austin,Tx.) that would do car alarms (even the little remote confirmation noise).

It was cool the first handful of times then you realize the poor birds…as well as the people, are surrounded by noise pollution.

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Keepin’ It Real (the release the pressure edition) 01 March 07

(conejo x 3)

Today we kick off March with some lions. As a fan and practioner of a good rant, I bring you nothing but the best.

Richard Pryor floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. In todays world of pussyfootin’ entertainers Mr. Pryor would need to look into rehab for being so frank. I’m glad this interview was caught on tape…his behind the scenes commentary is just as brilliant as his stand-up.

the legendary Bill “M.F.’n” Bonds , this…is real Detroit flavor,right here. Bill was thee premiere television newscaster in Detroit when I was growing up. The only person who had more flavor in the public eye was then Mayor Coleman A. Young (who’s colorful language was also often a part of the evening news). No one believes this story (still), but I saw Bill Bonds in the Northland Mall one day drunk as fuck, minus his wig…normally I’d imagine one would point and laugh at a “celebrity” in that state, Bill M.F.’n Bonds was still cool as a M.F.’n fan.

This joint right here is ill, right? Fatlip be buggin’, yo. Fatlip was a member (the best member,mind you) of 90’s west coast hip-hopper’s The Pharcyde. The Pharcyde’s first album was pure genius. Picking up somewhere very close to where De La Soul‘s “3ft. High & Rising” left off. I still don’t like the Pharcyde’s 2nd album…but they booted Fatlip from the group soon after the albums release (apparently he was getting a bit wild i.e., young black man + fame+new money+ cocaine+flies buzzin’ in yr ear = A very confused brother). Well, the Pharcyde have been wack ever since…and Fatlip? I think Fatlip has an amazing amount of potential. I’d like to see his homey Spike Jonze direct him and Dave Chappelle in something written by Chappelle & Fatlip. That schitt would be dope.

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