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Just Look At ‘Em…Actin’ Ugly 18 Aug 09

O.K. class, show of hands…who here would like to give this woman, the right to shut the fuck up?

I’m glad someone caught this numbskull on video being a world class schitt-stain on humanity. The fact that she really thinks she has “a point”, is the scary part of this clip.

This, I can assure you is the kind of catty lippy schitt that I associate mainly with “assholes“… who are very delusional.

If she listened to this man, instead of  reacting to the fact that he has an accent, an opposing viewpoint, and is Jewish,she might gain some perspective.

Instead she’d rather remove him from the rational point he’s making, and emotionally draw him into the very irrational bullschitt she represents thoroughly.

Well, Pamela Pilger (that schitt-stain of a woman in the video), You are what’s wrong with America.

Your idea of this country is based in and of the same divisive/über-capitalist fuckery that has driven this country into a confusing standstill flecked with bubbles that boom and burst, at the will of whom?

Whomever it is, you Pamela Pilger…want to be on their team so bad, you think you can taste it. Unfortunately it’s only the bile from your reptillian guts mixed with your Fox News cud, and that pinch of SKOAL ®  stuck in your flappy jowls.

Understand folks, file this under “Illusion of Inclusion 101“, or “The Motherfucking Okey-Doke“.

Ma Kettle here is afraid that :

a.) The Niggers are taking over

b.) The Niggers are gonna get all the good seats & special favors that she (not even her wack ass husband with 3 jobs) is entitled to.

c.)It’s her tax money, Mexicans will buy exotic seat covers with it and drive around high on Oxy-Contin that is rightfully hers.

d.)Illegal Mexicans,Niggers & Liberals just want to have anal sex with you and your family during the inevitable home invasion.

e.)The sky is falling and it’s Obama’s fault.

I’d like her to explain this tedious and bloody Iraq war with my brother (U.S. Army,preparing for his 4th tour of duty)

I’d like her to explain to me why Wall Street got bailed out with taxpayer money, and why the U.S. government should step in and suggest and assist the Automakers in Detroit should try harder to make a car that can actually compete with import autos.

I’d like her to explain where the fuck all the jobs went? And who’s big idea was that? Obama? Liberals? Jew-media? Welfare Mothers (the lazy black ones)?

Then I need her to take a sock in the face from that Israeli guy (she had balls when she said that stupid ass “Hitler” schitt…he should be allowed to kick her in the ovaries).

What we know/What to do about it:

There are a lot of stupid bastards out there,strength in numbers is a fallacy (when dealing with stupid bastards). Stupid bastards only act out of fear/greed. 

One rational thinking human being with a soul can elevate up to 20 stupid bastards into functionality,recidivism rates are high,but we must be dilligent if we are to have any reform.

This is bigger than partisan politics,race,religion or creed. This is the real us vs. them, and we must maintain focus…can you imagine how stupid these stupid bastards will be if they don’t manage to kill us all?


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