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May The Crap Age Be Over…*cheers* 10 Dec 09

I think Micahchu & The Shapes made my favorite music in 2009.

Michachu & The Shapes Jewellry

With their album Jewellry, I think the levels of talent and creativity are equal in their music. Producer Matthew Herbert does an excellent job of organizing and filtering truly infectious songwriting.

Runner-up goes to Shafiq Husayn of Sa Ra Creative Partners who released his debut solo album Shafiq Husayn En’ A-Free-Ka

Again, the talent and creativity allow a lot of space and freedom. Shafiq Husayn and his ensemble take the listener on a journey through the expansion of themes familiar to fans of Earth Wind & Fire, Sun Ra & the late great veteran J Dilla.

Shafiq Husayn En' A-Free-Ka

I’m not a “list” kind of a person. I think they’re nasty habits and ultimately nothing more than cliff notes for lazy people (constantly proven by the Billboard magazine paradigm).

But for the person who’s gonna maybe check out John Mayer’s new one…seriously,fuck that dude. That guy is Bruce Hornsby crossed with Jonny Lang dressed up as James Taylor for Halloween. Enough with the tepid safe music. Enough with cute over substanceBasta!

I appreciate creativity with a dash of cleverness over a barrel of cheekiness with a thimble full of creativity all day,everyday.


The first decade of music in the 21st Century has been largely driven by teenagers. White Teenagers. White teenagers males who love the audio safari Hip Hop provides as well as the exclusive lame fest that is Young Country. White teenage girls who gorge on sassy fairy God Bitches, twee sirens,and ultra choreographed divas (and those are just the “Boy Bands” LOL-ed. note)

I applaud Britain’s Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle for throwing down the gauntlet for passionate, talented ugly people. She’s sold a million albums of what is certainly grade A dentist office music in one week, and is nearly 50 years old and looks like Bjork’s grandmother. Nice voice, I can tune it out because she’s not selling the usual package of insincerity galore. Celine Dion in comparison makes me anxious because she seems to want nothing more musically than to be Barbara Streisand.

Lunch Lady made good Susan Boyle #1 at the Box Office

So yeah…as craptastic as the Pop pool gets. It’s nice to see technology expanding the playing field and almost nullifying the music industry as we know it.

Understand this…they are stuck trying to pimp that horse schitt to the masses. Don’t get sucked in. Put kites on your ears and sail around the internet simply listening to the sounds off the beaten path. They are getting louder.


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