Shhhh…Listen, can you hear those rabbit hearts beating? 4 Nov 08

dramaticmccaingopherI hope the sheer amount of vibration from the buck dancing of my enthusiastic brethren & sistren causes heart attacks around the world for anyone ignorant enough to fear or loathe an intelligent man because of the color of his skin.

Boog-a-loo, Riverdance, Salsa, Smurf, Wop, Uprock, Foxtrot, Charleston, Pony Down, Errol Flynn whatever you need to do to express yourself, I suggest song and dance. Dance this nightmare era of arrogance & ignorance into history.

Speak in tongues. Hump the air, but know that regardless of an Obama victory or a McCain victory…we cannot go back to business as usual in this country again. We have to acknowledge that the paradigm has shifted…not shifting. Let’s see what we do with that reality.

Here’s to your progress America. I hope your growth is painless.


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