Dumb Up & Get Down: End of An Era? 3 November 08

So what have we learned in the last 8 years?  

I’ve learned that there is nowhere to run too,baby…nowhere to hide.

I’m exhausted.

It’s hard to ignore so much bullschitt. It’s hard to tolerate the ideas/careers made out of bullschitt. It’s hard to stomach a society that can seem so complacent that it is constantly rationalizing bullschitt….settling on bullschitt, accepting bullschitt.  

I know the planet isn’t going to spin through a magic door overnight and suddenly all of our wrongs will be righted…but if you’re a bullschitt ass motherfucker I would hope that all of the lip service given to “hope” and “change” in the past 18 months would put a bug up yer ass. I am as optimistic about the future, as I am realistic in regards to the sovereign assholes that insist on dragging their bullschitt into the future… 

My party gon’ stay live, please don’t make me kill you bullschitt ass motherfuckers.

Turn that schitt up + pass me that joint, let’s get all this work done.



Cussing makes me feel perky. It’s called survival.


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One response to “Dumb Up & Get Down: End of An Era? 3 November 08

  1. dude..and these guys think they’re something by wearing some skinny jeans….oooooh

    that video made my day!

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