Cartoon Logic 29 September 08

Where would our great nation be without exaggerating? Exaggeration is an integral part of our American mythology,no matter what side of the melting pot you find yourself in.

George Washington never told a lie.  Lincoln freed the slaves, etc., etc.

One thing I do not have to exaggerate is that the lumpen masses of the United States are certainly scared, mislead, racially prejudiced, willfully ignorant and ultimately lazy. I know because I too am an American, perhaps moving away from our lowest common denominators, perhaps not. Yet I’m not afraid to acknowledge what I’m living and observing.

It doesn’t take a massive economic crisis to confirm that we’re fucked. We’ve been fucked for years.

When we made the switch from producers to consumers we layed down and asked for it. We made bad guys out of innocents. We denied our own corruption. We fell in love with cooked statistics and ignored hard facts.  We love the corporation but despise ourselves. Power is so important to us we align ourselves with entities that keep us powerless. Am I exaggerating?

The cult of personality should never be underestimated in Western civilization, because individual insecurity is at an all time high, and our capitalist society is banking on it you overweight, bald, limp dicked, yellow toothed, old no-name fabric softner using, old raggedy car driving, stanky ass house livin’ in, ain’t seen the #1 movie in America yet ass motherfunker, you. Not to say that anywhere else is better off, but we’re talking about the United States of America right now.  Lord knows we all suck until we have achieved either the heaven on earth blessing that is celebrity, or we have managed to load multiple swiss bank accounts with various moneys,precious gems & busloads of fissioned uranium and a portfolio full of oil, arms & prison shares. 

I guess what I’m saying is I’ll be amazed if America doesn’t elect the candidates that clearly stand for fear, prejudice,ignorance & laziness. This is the essence of America now,right? 

Let me know when I’m exaggerating,o.k.?


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  1. Hahahaha!

    Soooo true!

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