It’s Time For The Percolator 13 September 08

                                                           artist: Q-Tip song: “Getting Up”

(I’m tempted to post this totally in Ebonics…but I’m not gonna)

At the moment, this song is my most favorite jam,yo. 

I love the bass (subtle yet funky),and the idea of Q-Tip doing backing vocal harmonies (that work) with a rapping Q-Tip…are you comprehending what I just typed? Could his upcoming album The Renaissance be his “Court and Spark” ? 

Hey remember when music had basslines/bass players and harmonies? Anywhoo…yeah, I’ve got a soft spot for this tune. But there’s one 5ft. ingredient missing…isn’t there?

Since A Tribe Called Quest still tour together from time to time, I’ll speculate that it’s label politics that are preventing a full fledged reunion of the group.

But listening to the song, I can’t help but hear the lyrics (as I did on The Love Movements “Against The World”) as a thinly veiled “Dear Phife” letter from a forlorn Q-Tip. I mean, not since Morrissey & Marr has there been such an odd yet quiet split in an otherwise successful musical pair.  –snicker-

but seriously listen to the song again, and try not to laugh.

Now enjoy this interview, and ask yourself why this guy (Hey Wendell) hasn’t been able to get a record of his own onto shelves. Yet his voice can be heard daily in a few television commercials. Hmmm? :


Great answers, weak ass interviewer…AWESOME SHADES!!! (Be KanYe).


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