Dancing To The Double Standard 1 September 2008

In these supposed “post racial” times I’d like to kick this off by paraphrasing the hot knife that is Mr. Paul Mooney, “Some people, got more nerve than a toothache”.

Seriously, who are these trashy ass people that live to be in charge of everyone else? Since temporarily breaking the media blackout I’ve maintained since the democratic primaries, to catch glimpses of both the democratic and republican national conventions…I feel like I’m tuning back into any other dramatic series on cable (Weeds, Big Love, The Wire).

Unfortunately the dramatic series I’m seeing unfold before my eyes is punctuated by a special report spin-off from the creators of Hurricane Katrina, as if to say, “Speak clearly liars”.

Not to be upstaged, now the straw bosses can right the wrongs. Appear presidential. Maintain composure. Act like we’ve got this under control.

In the Twin-Cities, the biggest video screens show the biggest images of the biggest flags waving for the biggest patriots. The narrative continues, part biblical scourge/part Aaron Spelling night-time soap. Certainly Howard Zinn is somewhere furiously typing an addendum to “The Peoples History of the United States” which will read like ‘Alvy Singer’s Journal of Political History’ …in his underwear…not minding the joint that burns slowly in the ashtray on his coffee table, CNN sticking with windblown reporters holding on to telephone poles for dear life in Baton Rouge muted in the background.

How many storms will try to make their way up the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico to Minneapolis/St.Paul to have their say at the RNC?

My prayers go out to all of the evacuees of the Gulf Coast States. Uncle Kev, you and the kids stay dry down there in Baton Rouge.


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