Negro Music: Turn It Up (Hug Yo’ Kids,Homiez) 20 August 08

T-Baby- “It’s So Cold In the D”


Where the hell do I start with this excellent slice of self expression? *sigh*

First of all, I laughed…then my heartbroke…then I laughed at the sister that can’t seem to figure out if she wants to laugh/not be there/break out a butterfly & some booty claps…then I’m wondering who’s little brother the kid is…then I’m thinking about how maybe music in public schools does enrich ones spirit…then I thought about how friggin’ nice the track sounds over a nice system…then I thought about my  Keisha Cole  odd couple fantasy, where she and I hook up and she transforms into a thugged out Abbey Lincoln and I’m more grizzly and urban whilst applying quantum physics to club anthemsthen I think about how ill it is to start off a video with a dude dead on the floor of a Coney Island cut to a group of kids (various ages/female & male) walking through a cemetery bursting into song…then I think about that night Christian messed up his Upper Playground hoodie jontz at a Coney Island in the “D.”…then I think about my homie lil’ C-Mo who prounounces his “st” ‘s and “sh” ‘s  as “sk” ‘s (example: shrimp=skrimp, street=skreet)…then I think about the sister I saw on the #6 bus the other day eating a bowl of salmon croquette, smacking away like she was sitting on her porch in the Sahara…then I think of the photos my dad sent me of my cousin, who got his ass whupped by his nephew’s boys…then I think of the house that was home to 4 generations of my family and is now sitting in neglected ruins, as if some of Robert Mugabe‘s henchmen ransacked it or Georgian rebels blew it up and tried to pin it on the Russians…I think about the really unattractive female weight lifter from Korea, and the sort of cute one from Tonga, I saw on the Olympics…I think about Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and know that the “lynch mob” energy being generated from white suburban Detroiters parading their final piece of evidence that “those niggers are crazy”, as if there were no mirrors anywhere in their universe…I wonder what Jerry Wexler would’ve thought of this song…T-Baby might be the next Ruth Brown

“It’s so cold in the ‘D.

How the fuck do we ‘posed to keep peace?

What’s all on a niggas mind?

Murkin’ & doing time”



Shout outs: –your name here- & Tyree Guyton

R.I.P. : Isaac Hayes, Bernie Mac, Jerry Wexler,Leroi Moore (Dave Matthews Band),Johnny Moore (the Skatalites),Pervis Jackson (the Detroit Spinners),Johnny Griffin

now watch T-Baby again:

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