little Words with Big pictures 2 August 08

Anyone have any weird stories they think may or may not be related to the recent solar eclipse?

I definately think that the guy who beheaded the other guy on the bus in Canada was touched, but who the fuck knows what was really up his ass? That story was the craziest schitt I’ve ever read in a newspaper as far as one on one atrocities go. As I said to Chanda, the Columbine Massacare just devolved.

I hope they blame whatever that killer had on his iPod, and in Manitoba, Canada I’m going with George Thorogood & the Destroyers, I once saw some middle-aged Asian men buy this album in Toronto. They seemed very mild mannered and reeked of chewing gum, but I could tell they were up to no good.


I think CNN’s “Black In America” 2 part series may have been the most horsefeathers ever assembled and promoted as a news documentary.

I was glad to see Professor Michael Eric Dyson and his brother Everett Dyson though, those two should have a sunday morning series on CNN, a radio show, a podcast…something.  

God bless Mumia Abu-Jamal, but who is his audience?  And how is he so in the loop and in prison? Something about him lending all of that blackness to tribal activists and the conspiracy movement….? I’ve never been able to tune in, I always happen across Mumia. He’s like the guerilla version of  Jesse Jackson’s “Black Santa Claus”.


Not Mumia Abu Jamal's Audience...Needs some attention

Not Mumia Abu Jamal's Audience...Needs some attention

Give me Professor Michael & Convict Everett Dyson doing a “Car Talk/Click N’ Clack” styled hour taking calls from Americans (all of ’em, not just the black ones) talking about the antagonizing elements that continually undermine progress in America today.

As Michael & Everett Dyson go, so go America.


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