Kanye Says…Be Someone Else *w/Vodka* 8 July 2008

Whilst on the subject of all things Chi-Town, “the Super Black World of…” © is proud to announce*******


ONE NIGHT ONLY : SEP 4, CHICAGO: “Black World Cinema @ Ice Theaters” (210 W. 87th Street) will be host to a screening of Chameleon Street followed by a Q&A w/ writer/director/actor Wendell B. Harris Jr.

$5 Chi-Town homies…that’s a gallon of gas and one loose cigarette. That’s a two piece w/ mild sauce at Harold’s…maybe a drink too, you tell me.

Let me tell you, you can’t get this much entertainment for $5 everywhere. I’m actually a little jealous. Do you know how far $5 goes in San Francisco? That’s a regular ass cup of coffee & no scone, sconey. That’s a shot of tequila surrounded by a din of Star Wars references and Firefox update chatter.

Have you seen Chameleon Street yet? Have you heard me telling you to see it, buy it, tell a friend? Do you know how much I’m getting paid to tell you that you do deserve decent entertainment? Nada, amigo. Do you know why I’m telling you to see Chameleon Street? So you can join me in a decent conversation about a cool movie. Kanye is already trying to bite the steez, so you know you’re eligible…

Wendell, come tell ’em man. I swear there’s a schitt load of people that read this blog (I look at the numbers a lot, and am amazed that I do not have a gang of albino jews stalking me wanting to argue), they’re all so shy…


hold up…watch this again:

Wendell?!?!?!? Tell ’em, man…

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One response to “Kanye Says…Be Someone Else *w/Vodka* 8 July 2008

  1. loved the book AND the movie. didn’t get all your refrences, cause i haven’t kept up wit what you know. didn’t know i was lost, but your woids give direction by the gleam they give to a horizon. even though i’ve been loyal to my lie (that i didn’t need to know what i don’t know) YOUR lines make me grow. thanks fo the info and go’on witcha bad sef.
    ps: i’m glad Cohran is alive!

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