DRAGONSLAYER © ((when bats cry)) Eve. Ed. 4 June 2008


The list of “firsts” just keep on getting shorter doesn’t it? I’m glad…puts that whole “first black head coach in the Super Bowl” mentality into perspective, no?

Before I go to far off into a tangent I’d like to quickly say that CNN gets the gasface* for their coverage of Sen. Obama & America’s historic moment of racial whatchamacallit. MSNBC (as cooky as that lot can seem) did take a segment to really let the gravity of this milestone event in American politics have it’s moment. And I appreciate Keith Olbermann & Chris Matthews’ “Oh Schitt Moment” for what it was…whereas CNN decided to focus on the fact that  is a sore loser and that indeed Father Pfleger** was right.

So let’s extend that moment…share it here with each other, and hey, why not have a song?

People we are months away from the first nappy curls of hair ever  to fall ‘pon de White House sink and bathroom floor…let’s stay focused, if you’re gonna talk bad about folks hammer the fuck out of their shortcomings whilst being as righteous as possible…do not forget to say “bless his/her heart” after dressing down an opponent.

**Hmpfh?! A Catholic Priest getting all John D. Baptastical? Must be a sign o’ de times.

*Go Get A Late Pass



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