Dear Thunderdome, Please Chillout… 22 February 08



Well Gang, the cable is off (by choice)… so my access to the “Obamafication of America” is limited to NPR, CNN (online), various message boards, and the random conversation with the random stranger.

It usually goes like this:

Me: (minding own business, being a larger sized B.A.M. w/ very little “thug” overtone)

White Guy: (smiling & staring at me)

Me: (tips hat @ W.A.M. for I knoweth that you is starin’ at me and hearing feel good acoustic guitar arpeggios)

White Guy: (coming in for the thrill) Hey there…how’s it going? (Fiddles around a bit before he comes right out and says….) Whattayathink about Obama ? (As if “Soul Train” finally made sense)

Me: (knowing that this is either that new new schitt or some of that same ‘ol samo, I try to be indifferent first) “Oh yeah”, I say.

White Guy: He’s gonna “change things “, I can’t wait.

Me: (still unsure if  this is a trap or a lovefest) He’s already changed the game. Who’d have thought to run a seemingly clean campaign on fundamental principals?

It just always leads me back to one thought.

Tina Turner.

It takes me forever to get that damn “We Don’t Need Another Her (Thunderdome)” song out of my mind after one of these exchanges. Don’t get me wrong, that song is a jam, and Tina Turner is definately a bridge ambassador at America’s Happy Hour, so it’s fitting.

But jeez, let’s all collect ourselves for a moment and watch this:

(here are the lyrics,sing along church)

Out of the ruinsOut from the wreckageCan’t make the same mistake this timeWe are the childrenthe last generationWe are the ones they left behindAnd I wonder when we are ever gonna change itLiving under the fear till nothing else remainsWe don’t need another heroWe don’t need to know the way homeAll we want is life beyond the thunderdomeLooking for something we can rely onThere’s got to be something better out thereLove and compassion, their day is comingAll else are castles built in the airAnd I wonder when we are ever gonna change itLiving under the fear till nothing else remainsAll the children sayWe don’t need another heroWe don’t need to know the way homeAll we want is life beyond the thunderdomeSo what do we do with our livesWe leave only a markWill our story shine like a lifeOr end in the dark

Give it all or nothing 

 (now run out and find a copy of “The Jackie Robinson Story”, starring Jackie Robinson.

I was telling a friend of mine about these recent random political think tanks, I’ve been having. Stressing the point that, random W.A.M.’s usually don’t give a rat’s ass about my politics, and that they probably don’t know how I really feel. He pointed out to me that these folks are probably geeked that they can “finally” have a dialogue with a random young B.A.M.

For this I’m happy and sort of weirded out… I mean, talk to me about NAFTA ten years ago, talk to me about the cocaine/crack sentencing differences, talk to me about race goddammit…jeez,schitt. I’ve been waiting for dialogue.

But now that we’re hellbent on moving as quickly away from the past 7 years, will we “finally” be able to talk about the last 500 plus years?

Or will Obama have to prove to (clears throat) “us” first, that he is indeed the magic negro…I mean,man?

 I like the guy…Compared to the rest of those decepticons. But this is still politics we’re talking about. It would be great to get someone in the white house who apparently just payed off his student loans three years ago, a president that can relate to the people and vice versa. But don’t let this “hero” schitt blow up in your face, is all I’m saying.

Honestly, I’m still shocked that Black America changed it’s tune so quickly about the brother, because as late as early January ’08 I was still hearing “He Ain’t Black Enoughs” from the “let the choir say Amen” and ‘nem.

I’m still registering the results from Utah, Wyoming,Missouri,Idaho,Maine…all them lilly white places & faces. ‘Tis amazing indeed.

But it’s still politics we’re talking about people. Don’t rely on politics to feel good, is all I’m saying.

Or to put it better & quote the songbook, “All we want is life beyond the thunderdome”.

I’ll leave you with a new voice, doing an old favorite…since we’re all invested in “change” and/or down to our last bit of it.


Keep hope alive & let’s “Supaman” dat “lady”  


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  1. You guys can’t imagine how many posts I’ve aborted due to formatting issues. WordPress, please send me some tech support or Kato. Please & Thank you.

    I did not type “We Don’t Need Another Her (Thunderdome)”.

    I swear.


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