Know Yr Rights pt.II Protecting & Serving 13 Sept 07

(if you can’t see this video, cut & paste this:


This is actual footage of two police officers from Melvindale, Michigan (one of whom remains on the force, the other was discharged after fixing tickets in exchange for sexual favors).
They are seen and heard, and the closed captioning illustrates, trying to coax a man from his home so they can beat him.

This preliminary footage demonstrates how they planned to get him out of his home later by illegally towing his truck from his driveway in order to “beat him to death” and “shove this flashlight right up his asshole.” They tell him he is “creating a disturbance” although it is not an offense to be “creating a disturbance” in your own home.

Just before they leave, one officer gives the Nazi salute of “Zeig Heil” for the camera, and you can hear them and discuss how they’re going to come back later, get him out of his house to justify a charge of “public disturbance” and beat him.

It’s incredible. 6 officers surround him on his own lawn, one maces him, one hits him in the back of the head with a shotgun and they all beat and kick him into unconsciousness.


Hey gang, I just watched Mr. Bush’s address concerning the latest slight of hand policies concerning U.S. troops (wassup,Mike?) in Iraq.
The verdict is hundreds of billions more dollars taxpayer money & thousands more killed (U.S. & Iraqi) to “protect us from Islamic terrorist”.

Well…considering I’ll sleep easier tonight knowing that the “Islamic Terrorist” are contained over in “Boogie-Manistanabad”…
What the fuck are we gonna do with the crazy armed terrorist that patrol our streets?

In the words of KRS-ONE (from the Boogie Down Productions album “Ghetto Music”) “You were put here to protect us, but who protects us from you?”

I’m on my way to buy a small video camera now, until next time.


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  1. watching the first video in the daytime… kicked up my angina… oh shucks man… i could something to calm me down… that stuff is sickening

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