Peacefully 3 Sept 07

I’m recalling my 6th grade teacher Mr.Williams asking the class why we celebrated labor day.

Without missing a beat Rico Brown’s arm/hand shot into the air enthusiastically.

“Rico ?”, Mr. Williams nodded and gestured towards him first.

Rico’s answer, dancing inside his head ready to burst from his smiling mouth, right arm/hand still tickling the emptiest space in the entire classroom, happily blurted out as if he were securing the Jeopardy Daily Double ® before heading into Final Jeopardy ™…

Some Bar-b-que !”

I still don’t know why we celebrate Labor Day.

Current Faves:

Stevie Wonder-My Cherie Amour ( A Capella )

Cameo- Alligator Woman

Standing Up


Marvin Gaye- Too Busy Thinking About My Baby ( A Capella)

Playing the bass laying on the floor accompanying a capellas ( dope )

the outside world

cold grapes & coffee


Watching the moon move across the sky shrinking night after night


Time traveling


water ( hot & cold )


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One response to “Peacefully 3 Sept 07

  1. yes i have insomnia…so be it
    noam chomsky chattering to a late night tweak is like a booyah hit off a crack pipe…
    interesting but it goes nowhere..
    he, like the subject of this audio track
    is the master of mind control…
    he reminds me of one of the creatures of bureacracy from hitchikers guide to the galaxy… who tortures prisoners by reciting his poetry.
    the prisoners are induced to suicide or self mutilation in order to withstand the reading.

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