And now…A WTF?!?!? moment courtesy of the Mormon Church 23 Aug 07


I am speechless. I don’t want to disrespect anyone’s religion here, but again…

WOW (yo, the ‘CISM is trill )

So your assignment is to consider the creation mythology/origin of all of the religions you may happen to know of offhand, and in your imagination turn them into cartoons.

I mean, a Tex Avery version of creation myth of Christianity !?!?!?!
Or how about an japanime version of Islam & the Prophet Muhammed !?!?!?


I missed this one. The flick underneath though just got it moved up on the Netflix ® :


Friggin’ Vinnie Barbarino & “Oscar Winner” The Gooch rockin’ some Larry Blackmon chubbidge, eh?

Ummm…back to the topic at hand though, this Mormon creation mythology in my opinion just smoked all of my childhood memories of watching “The Super Friends / Justice League of America”.

I’ve always wanted to see a Nation of Islam creation mythology movie in the style of Disney’s “Fantasia”, but honestly ‘the evil scientist who grafted the white germ from the black germ , Yakub’, ain’t got schitt on my man Elohim.

Did you see the way dude knocked on the virgin Mary’s door like he was Rick James, (my NGH ) ?

I guess funk do get stronger.

Oh yeah…

then again maybe it don’t. I’ll leave you with this nugget while you ponder.



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2 responses to “And now…A WTF?!?!? moment courtesy of the Mormon Church 23 Aug 07

  1. about the mormon church…
    i know friends who are devout to church of latter day saints. many of them go to my school. can you send me the imbedding code? oh if i repost that on myspace, i would piss all them off. or not… do they put curses on people and sabotage enemies? hmmm.

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