Dyson Droppin’ Heatrocks *ARF* *ARF* 10 Aug 07

*Earl Flyyyyn/PONY down*

(looks to the east…*presses play on New Edition’s “Where It All Started”*)

See…I knew Dyson’s Daddy. I knew Dyson’s Mama. I know Dyson’s Brothers… (Everrett is prolly STILL the scariest brother you could ever want to meet). They are all good people. Dyson included. But I’m still getting to know the Reverend Dr. Michael Eric Dyson.

I appreciate the candor of the statement he makes in the clip. But I’m still trying to figure out where he’s coming from with the “Is Bill Cosby Right?” stance? I’d love to go back to the hood he and I grew up in with Bill Cosby and debate who’s blowing smoke and who’s talking plain ‘0l good sense.

I may not like his books…but then again, I’ve only skimmed through the first couple (before he got all “Martin Luther Stephen King” on your local MEGABOOKSTORE, dude got a new book out every
week ,yo!!! )

Check out the link:


But yeah, I’m feeling this clip.

I’ve been saying this for YEARS, it’s high time that we abandon trying to abolish the “N-word” and just go ahead and officially invite everybody else to the party, (under the umbrella *snicker*),as defined by…American citizenship ,or immigration, alien or illegal status,,,whatsoever your doing here in America or any of the colonized 1st, 2nd or 3rd Worlds, you’ve been and or will be somebody’s “N-word” , until further divine notice.

drive safe out there this weekend you “N-words” .

Maybe I can get an interview for “the Super Black World of…” © , with Dyson ?



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