Filipino Prisoners Have More Fun Than You!!! 20 July 2007

Ahhh…YouTube. It’s here to stay, isn’t it? Building bridges, teaching us intimate things about other places and cultures.

For the people.

By the people.

Of the people.

Well, I for one am concerned about whatever goings on are going on in this particular prison in Cebu, in the Philippines.


Because they are disgracing the very institution of “Prison”. Leave it to the Filipinos.

This is not what’s happening on “Oz”, okay? Yes, there are definately allusions to buttsex, but it isn’t nearly as sinister as it’s supposed to be to keep people scared straight (on the straight and narrow), right?

I mean, the guy who’s playing the part of the girl, in this piece de incarceration…was born to play this very role!!!

A strong statement from the people of the Philippines, and their culture. They are indeed throwing down the gauntlet towards us living near and dear to Lady Liberty’s bosom.

But wait, bitch…

The “foulest stench of funk is in the air” , America will not be topped.

But again…the Pinoy dudes are in jail,player. Jail? Not at a wedding, with booze and cake. Jail.

How much fun are they having not in jail, in the Philippines?


Nobody has as much fun as these guys:

Oh. There is some serious social commentary going on here, pimpin’. Think about it.




White folks.

Asians in jail.

Zombies makin’ zombies

But farilldough, the Filipino cats were feeling it.


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