It Took Nations Of Millions To Hold Us Back 28 April 07

Whooo, this is funny, threefold.


1.) cause we (us in the western world) tip-toe around the topics of slavery and racism as if  it were some spell in our history that just came and went…like a cold.  (hey, look at this:

2.) cause militant black folks are so out of fashion that we (?) can actually take the time to laugh at the concept

3.) characters similar to this have been a part of my life my entire life…and they’re often tragic/miserable individuals who fail to see the comedy in their behavior.

Butfereallydoe… I kind of like the concept of “schoolin’ M.F.’s” right in the moment. I’d vote to have my tax dollars applied to having a militant black man correcting wrong behavior (regardless of race though). I sort of remember the ’70’s having an air of that sort of thing.

Now that I think of it…can you think of any negroes that’ll get in someones ass over some real schitt?

Oprah, Jesse & Rev. Al cast tall shadows, but REALLY NOW…none of them have much “Malcolm” or “X” factor between them. They’re more class sympathizers wishing that black people were better received and accepted as “part of the problem”, instead of really going to work deconstructing that lovable/loyal scapegoat position black people have seemingly submitted to in the media.

Well perhaps after we have a laugh, someone will remember how to properly apply the “X factor” on this wayward society. We could definately use some direction in what is clearly a generational pile-up.

p.s. Oh yeah, they’d have never pulled this off if the dude wasn’t such a small fella.

*throws big black fist in the air*


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