In other news…Kermit the Frog shares his “View” 19 April 07


In a satellite interview with ABC’s “The View” Thursday morning, lovable Muppet ® star Kermit the Frog lashed out at “Fat Mouth Rosie and the rest of you crazy weirdo mind controlling overseers in American media” reportedly saying, “You people have absolutely nothing to say,yet you never shut your fat mouths, meanwhile we dedicate our children to fight unjust wars thousands of miles away over the interest of a few fat bastards?…and I’m the explitiveing puppet here, jeez”.

Kermit was on the show to promote his new joint venture clothing line for pets “Hot Dawg”, that he is starting with former “Renegade” tv actor Lorenzo Lamas.


“Renegade” TV Star Lorenzo Lamas
The ladies of “The View” laughed at Kermit thinking he was only joking, until the star of “The Muppets Take Manhattan” started convulsing franticly apparently from anger. Kermit’s mic was then cut and the show cut to commercial. The satellite link was subsequently lost.

At press time Kermit’s manager Steve Whitmire would only express that Kermit is “exhausted and extremely wound up over recent events”. Whitmire also states that Kermit had recently looked into checking into a rehab facility “Promises“, in Antigua owned by legendary guitar player Eric Clapton, after a scandalous home video of Kermit & Babar the Elephant surfaced on the interweb in September of 2006, showing Kermit reportedly driving drunk and partying down with Babar. No arrest were made in that incident but Kermit was not asked to this years Nickolodeon Kids Choice Awards due to the widely seen video and the subsequent backlash.

clapton1.jpg babar.gif

Eric Clapton Babar

Kermit had his big break later in 1969 with frequent appearances on Sesame Street, often as a news reporter interviewing nursery rhyme characters. One of his most memorable works was the song “Bein’ Green” from this series. Although closely identified with the show Sesame Street, Kermit featured less as a member of the show’s regular Muppet contingent and more as a recurring “guest star.” Kermit’s song “The Rainbow Connection” was also a big hit from The Muppet Movie and, for some time, had become something of a signature song for The Jim Henson Company (it is also the only movie song sung by a “frog” to be nominated for an Academy Award).

The 51 year old puppet actor has not been heard from since storming out of Oklahoma’s KOCO television station where he was conducting his satellite interview with “The View”. The puppet actor’s manager and estranged girlfriend Ms. Piggy have offered this statement:


“Kermie, we love you and miss you. Please pull yourself together and come back to us at once. It isn’t fair that you make us wonder why, and why wonder why, Kermie?”

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