(Din-nint,Nint-nin-nint…) CONTROVERSY!!! 22 Feb 07

I subconciously moved to San Francisco to deal with my homophobia… I recommend it for all of us folks raised in the hetero-hegemonic past.

I remember my first brush with the “Folsom Street Fair”, I was on the bus headed downtown. From inside the bus I saw two guys walking down the street in leather chaps and leather vests…only. Closely followed by other couples or groups of men, most also wearing chaps & vests, some in really super tight white t-shirts and jeans…all rocking some serious George Michael steez. Soon, I realized I was heading into the heart of what I regrettably refer to as Penis Day.

At this time I’d lived in San Francisco for a few months,this wasn’t the first time I’d just casually run into a parade…it also wasn’t the first time I’d casually run into a parade of naked or 1/2 naked people in San Francisco. This was the first time in my life I’d ever been in the heart of flamboyant penis twirling gayness. I definately experienced serious culture shock.

*Clears throat* As a straight man, I never know exactly when the Folsom Street Fair is,but it’s now my first guestimation when I see naked men casually making out at a crosswalk.

I’m sure Tim Hardaway or a mini-van full of Jamaicans would react stronger,but me? I’m cool as a fan now.

After years of living amongst bearded ladies that love nothing more than enforcing the latest gender politic mandates & insisting to be referred to in masculine terms; or the man-divas that live the fabulous life at the end of their own rainbows… I probably am a better American than I was before.

Brothers & Sisters, it is a new day.

this entry is dedicated to MeShell N’dege’Ocello & the waiter/waitress @ the secret El Salvadoran spot in the mission…the one with the carved up wrists, and gay ass P.F.


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One response to “(Din-nint,Nint-nin-nint…) CONTROVERSY!!! 22 Feb 07

  1. superbrown

    its shocking at first
    then you just wanna take a pellets with a slingshot and target practice
    very funny entry mr superblack
    i shake my head in disbelief
    about the leather and stuff
    its why im kind of glad
    i got spat out of SF
    it was not happnin

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