You Stay Classy Lisa Nowak 07 February 07

My latest entry will be a blog about sanity,fidelity, and making good healthy decisions.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said it…but it’s true, crazy people are EVERYWHERE.

So…quickly before I just copy and paste the “real news” facts.

• Homegirl IS an astronaut.

• Homegirl IS married, with children.

• Homegirl holds a masters in aeronautical engineering.

• Homegirl was sprung on a fellow Astronaut (not her husband) (( oh yeah, she’s just sprung, no more,no less)).

oefelein.jpg <—–this guy. Apparently ‘ol dude had another lady on his itinerary.

• Homegirl plotted,packed (a bb gun, rubbergloves, rubber tube, extra trench coat, wigs, pepper spray, a mallet) & rolled from Houston to Orlando to meet “the other woman”.

• Homegirl wore diapers on her journey to save time. (Potty Breaks? Nah…right)

• Homegirl was racing to catch her prey at the airport, and…talk to her.

——————————— and now the news ———————————————–
ORLANDO, Fla. — A NASA astronaut accused of trying to kidnap a romantic rival for a space shuttle pilot’s affections will remain in jail because authorities plan to charge her with attempted first-degree murder.

Orange County jail spokesman Allen Moore said Orlando police were in the process of adding the more serious charge that Lisa Marie Nowak, 43, tried to kill the woman.

“Even though she satisfied the bail for the other charges, she won’t be released from jail,” Moore said.

Orange County Judge Mike Murphy had earlier said Nowak could be released on $15,500 bond provided she stay away from the other woman and wear a monitoring device.

Lisa Nowak 43, also faces charges that include attempted kidnapping and battery after a confrontation with a woman that she considered her romantic rival.

Nowak, a married mother of three, stood in a jail uniform, looking down during the hearing.

According to her official NASA biography, she is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate who has a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering.

Authorities said the object of her affection is Navy Cmdr. William Oefelein, who piloted space shuttle Discovery in December. Oefelein is not married.

Police said Nowak drove 900 miles from Houston to Orlando, where she confronted the other woman in an airport parking lot.

Nowak was dressed in disguise and armed with a BB gun and pepper spray, police said.



All of that knowledge,honor, prestige, training & discipline…pissed away (literally).

The mentality behind these actions are no different than these.

I’m telling you,mang. ‘Tis a lot of grown ass babies out there, doing big things…

Oh yeah…

gavin.jpg heard the one about the Mayor that slept with his top aide’s wife?

Hey, he’s sorry…but isn’t everybody?

( d’you click over to the “scrub o’ the week” yet? I’mma just let his lame ass stay up there for a while. )

Let’s do better people.

Rome and Babylon got nothing on the land of the free, jack.

( *remembering James “Jay Dee/J Dilla” Yancey, R.I.P. + Happy Birthday,dude*)


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