“Write Up A Scroll On These Hoes… 30 January 07


…when they don’t act right.” Ess-Vee,vol.2 ©


I see some fools already trying to get gangster in ’07 .

Clearly there will be no shortage of “Scrub Of the Week ©” candidates, be sure to click over there and do the knowledge.

Sure…it’s my opinion.

How many people think deeply enough to even have individual thought & opinions these days? (Of course) …I mean outside of the blogosphere?

My belief is that the “p.c. movement” of the ’90’s has left a lot of people neutered. (There also seems to be less and less religious folk soul clapping,too. What’s up with that?)

Am I the only person bothered by the standardization of the individual thought? Does the fact that I firmly hold my own beliefs make me special, or a threat?

I humbly ax, “Whom is all the ‘critical thinking’ reserved for ?”

Anyways, I’ve got mine.

It makes it easier to digest… the bullschitt.


Yep, there’s a better way and as usual it’s hidden in plain sight.


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