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Well, Black folks… I got something I want you to watch. Unfortunately it isn’t just “Bouncy’s” ass twirling.

I want you to share this with all of your Aunties and Sister’s and girlfriends, O.K.?

You want to know what you can do to make your community “stronger”, you want to know what you can do to as I say “vote (continuously) with your dollar”?

Well watch these:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Then go and get yourself a low brother, or a fade or something. That’s right I said it, cut that process out your head.

As you now know if you watched all four parts of the documentary, you’re giving a GANG of your resources to a completely different community…that doesn’t give a rats ass about you or your community.

Notice I’m not saying anyone is right or wrong?

The choice is yours, it’s your prerogative.

But think about where and what you do with your hard earned ends.

Is it worth it?

Isn’t your hair tired?

Don’t get mad at me, just answer the questions to yourself,girl and go get that stuff handled.

Alright, I’mma let you go watch that documentary again.

Don’t forget to send it to your nappy-headed Mama.




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2 responses to “GIRL,YOU GOT YO HAIR DID? WELL WHAT ELSE DOES IT DO?! 25 June 06

  1. um, i never had a process in my hair other than color (for artistic value, of course, lol)…so, i’ll just take one of bouncy twirling ass…thank you 🙂

  2. semilla amarilla

    d moon
    yes man,
    i saw part 1
    of the documentary.
    californians, particularly southern californians,
    cannot fight the skyrocketing gas prices because
    we are unwilling to give up the right to drive on the freeways.
    there is a relatively accessible mass transit system but it is minimally exploited.
    it is the same dilema in the film.
    you cannot stop the fire by feeding it with fuel.
    remember when kelechi wore extensions?
    condaleeza rice iron presses da fuck outa her beautiful afro, prolly i dont know…
    personally, i think everyone could be beautiful without hair.
    i started shaving my head cuz i heated the time it takes to take care of long hair… and the simple fact that i am balding is a good enough reason…
    all is for vanity

    i’ll check out the rest of the documentary later but i just wanna thank you for sharing that.
    it is a complex problem…
    i am sure there is a solution for those seeking it. but like that black owner of those hair care products business says they have to take control. if everyone boycotts the korean made products, i would think they would boycott hair products all together…
    she would be killing the hand that feeds her.
    money is surely the root all evil.
    nah vanity is.
    suckers suffer.

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