Black Satin Amazon Fire Engine Cry Baby 9 April 06

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Kain- The Blue Guerrilla has been re-issued, it was spotted by my radar, and procured yesterday.

This is a really special record to me.

Gylan Kain, founding member of The Last Poets, achieves “legend” in my opinion with this debut solo recording.

Kain finds himself, “the Griot”, precursor and father of the so-called “conscious rapper” at the crossroads…of music/spoken performance art, shadow boxing with oppressive mythologies, deconstructing “black” constructs from “Adam” to “Rock-N-Roll” and re-claiming them for the cosmology of “blackness” everlasting.

Originally released in 1971, the personnel is unknown… the writing credits include Nile Rodgers, Duke Pearson, Greg Strickland and Sylvester “Sly Stone” Stewart (more likely for the songs interpolation of Sly’s “Sex Machine”).

I LOVE this record!

I was introduced to it by a friend in Austin,Tx. (Torrance Cattrell) who used to invite me to co-d.j. with him on his overnight K.U.T. radio show. It was the crystalized, “diamond” personification and common ground of our “black experience” (in Austin, in Texas, in America) as “Black” men. We would sneak it on inbetween some Sun Ra or John Lucien, some Hendrix or Mingus, some Public Enemy or Parliament…it always fit and added the perfect punctuation to whatever preceded it. We also always got calls…by K.U.T. supporters…probably “white”…probably trying to sleep threatening to definately not support at the next pledge drive if we didn’t turn that “angry black schitt” off.
I. LOVED. THAT. PART. , we would of course play Alber Ayler or Cecil Taylor or something with “no” vocals but equally strong and equally “black” after calls like that.

The vibrations…musical/spiritual on this record are indicative of what I miss most in music.

I recommend this album.


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One response to “Black Satin Amazon Fire Engine Cry Baby 9 April 06

  1. semilla amarilla

    ya man, are you in contact with turttlebum?
    i think that was t’s screenname..
    last poets when i first heard of them was when i was living in washington circa 1985
    driving from seattle to spokane over the mountain passes, some dinky radio station fading in and out
    ‘love it never ends
    and then begin again
    it continues on
    until the very end of time again
    try to understand
    its our creator’s plan
    he created woman
    and made it her with man
    my sweet love….”

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