“Slow Down Homie…It’s all Good” 2 April 2006

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another flick of the man called, “NIHO

I’ve been damn near invisible up in this piece,huh?

To my 6 daily readers…I’m sorry (I’ve been cheating over on myspace…how much blogging can one do, actually?)

This is always home (I know,I know…I haven’t changed the “Scrub of the Week” in a minute), and the honeymoon is sort of over. But…this is always home (until that “other” website and merchandise become reality,etc.,etc.

The headline: I’m paraphrasing a license plate holder I saw the other day. It was particularly appropriate in the context of the conversation I was having w/ the driver of the vehicle about things I should be blogging about.

Let’s have a re-cap:

Immigartion reform: Now all of a sudden “illegal immigration” means “Mexican”. Oh, America…you’re so silly. Perhaps the “nationalist” worried about “Mexicans” are remembering a significant “illegal immigration” ( I have a map of Native American Tribal Nations…but it’s too big to load on to this blog…I don’t know how to shrink it) that resulted in a genocide shrouded in national amnesia.

Oh…and I saw “King Kong”…the new one. Some of you will recall me refusing to see Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy because there are no “black” folks in it. Well, “King Kong” has me ready to call a fatwa on Mr. Jackson.

Why? *spoilers*

Because dude made a Hollywood movie about a film director so “hellbent” on making his picture on an uncharted island (which reportedly had giant lizards) that he had no remorse stealing a film crew, stealing a boat for the mission, and ultimately mowing down the entire population of the uncharted islands natives (in like…3 minutes) Why,again?: To save the “white queen”. I’m done talking about this film…it’s horseshit.

I do however recommend “James Journey to Jerusalem”, a film about an African pilgram who leaves his village to go to the “holy land” as a representative of his village. He sure as hell doesn’t find the “holy land” or “chosen people” when he gets there. Now go rent it and find out what ‘James” encounters.

What else…?

It’s springtime…I reccomend listening to some brazilian music. I find it cheers up even the rainiest of days. My suggestions: Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Joao Gilberto, Os Mutantes,Tom Zé, Milton Nascimento, Beth Caravalho…and the list goes on and on.

What else…?

Have fun. Love yourselves. Don’t leave home without your shield and spear…and to avoid all frenzy on the roads of life…”drive slow,homie”

Truth & Soul,yatchez

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