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Note: These damn fools are old enough to drink (maybe), which means they’re not a part of the fertility drug quintuplets/drudiplets craze going on in the burbs.

A few things that come to my mind.

A.) The invention of a sterilization ray gun can’t come fast enough.

B.) When gel goes wrong

C.) There goes the motherfucking neighborhood, we’ve got Guido’s

D.) Agent Smith let’s his hair…down,up…fuck it i’ont know?

E.) Look out N’sync!!!


with that said, have you all seen that television show “Black.White.” on F/X?

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The premise of the show is:

Two families,one “black”, one “white” are made up through the art of Hollywood make-up artists to appear as the other race. In disguise the families are put into different scenarios (like a focus groups,or a job in a bar patronized by all white males), and try not to break cover. They also live in a house together and discuss their experiences on camera. The executive producer of the show is “Amerikkka’s Most Wanted/Barbershop” himself Ice Cube (who just gained 20 bonus cool points for making this show a reality).
That’s some important television for your ass,right there,sporty.

It helps me pose the question,”Are these motherfuckers really in denial, or just really damn dumb as a rug?”

Either way, the trash medium of reality television couldn’t be any more pleasing or inflammatory.

Do yourself a flavor and watch that schitt!!!! (I must’ve passed out from exhaling)

I’m going to listen to “Death Certificate”,now and go to the Post Office.

p.s.,I don’t hate white folks…”Walk the Line” was a good ass movie,buddy.



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8 responses to “THESE NIGGAS MUST BE STOPPED!!! 17 March 06

  1. Anonymous

    today, after getting little sleep, i showed up in my history class to be treated to video of a film on mozart…. sleeping through most of it, my professor asked afterwards the question what i thought of it….
    i thought to myself how incredible the music was but could not remember it in reality but i could distinctively hear it in my dream state…
    i was silent as i heard my classmates responded to the question…
    is there anything worth staying up for when one is sleepy?
    is there anything worth watching when one has all the time in the world?
    is all the world black or white?
    are you black?
    are you white?
    what are you?

  2. "the Super Black World of..."©

    dear Anonymous,

    YAAAY school. Now take yo’ ass too sleep.

    it’s one thing to have all the time in the world…and watch it spin around doing it’s natural thing. (Nature)

    it’s a whole nother thing, to be told the earth rotates the other way and nature is contrary to humanity. (Reality)

    this touchy-feely sensitivity you display (in your questions) is/are only acceptable if you’re a burnt out superstar who’s disfigured himself mentally & physically (oh and of course spiritually) with cosmetic surgery ,drugs & other forms of denial .

    I’m brownish. I call it Super Black, just a small player in a natural order suppressed.

    What else do they have in that school?
    Is that what they teach you, how to ask silly questions?

    Let me ask you this, where did your “HISTORY BOOK” start “HISTORY” in that “HISTORY CLASS”?
    I’ll take two guesses, “white” Jesus on the cross? or, at a vomitorium in Rome plotting an empire built on supression?

    hold…up, back to that “brownish” thing.
    I won’t call you a sympathizer of the construct of “whiteness”,yet…cuz you haven’t shown your ass per se.
    But I will leave you with this to think about:

    What is it about “the fundamentalism of whiteness” that is in denial of the obvious migration,mutation and adaptation of the natural order?

    That question is more for your “HISTORY BOOK”, than you.
    I’m eager to here what you find.
    And don’t come back thumpin’ a bible (Larry Billy Graham).

    I am.
    I love it.
    And I certainly won’t stand for the proverbial “okey-doke”

    Okey-doke, gotsta go now

  3. Anonymous

    i am a little brown man.
    born that way and will, most definitely will die that way.
    by my works, you may love me.
    by my beliefs you may hate me.
    if i’m white i’m republican.
    if i’m black i’m not white.
    i’m spending money i dont have.
    i don’t own a car,
    i’m not a burnt out superstar
    i am burnt out from all the philosophies
    i am burnt out of existentialism
    i am burnt out of drugs
    i am burnt out of kpfa/kpft
    i am burnt out of pretenders
    i am burnt out
    piss on me and the little flame on this dying coal is gone
    i’m in school cuz i wanna learn
    i’m in school cuz i wanna give it all back to my poor community
    i’m in school cuz i don’t know everything
    i’m in school it teaches me how to learn and how to teach
    i’m in school because oneday i will be like all my heroes
    they all taught me in grade school, middle school, high school

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    *golf claps ALL FOR YOU*

    Sorry to hear about all of that

    Whatever did I do to earn your little ray of sunshine?

    While your at it, you should take a comedy defensive driving class too…
    Throw some funny up in that mix,hero

    I ain’t tryna fuck with you,player…but all that “burnt” leaves you a bit dull.

    Don’t give up on the drugs yet.
    Maybe you should do some to balance out all of that dogma?

    “tSBWo…” ©

  5. Anonymous

    i guess i have to really work on takin it easy
    infuse some humor into my life
    i hear about some indians starting the day off with the laughing yoga exercise
    i heard a sense of humor is sofisticated
    its inherent with intelligent people
    i should shoot myself
    i’m so boring

  6. Y’know…I don’t think that type of thinking is appropriate ever.
    Shooting yourself would be proof that you’re a dumbass.
    If you feel that way, I’m not gonna stop you.
    The world is over run with dumbasses…and it’s a nice gesture and all
    But…this isn’t that type of environment.
    Whether you’re joking or actually making a cry for help…
    this isn’t the place.

    I ask that you not bring that stuff here, or I’ll excercise my right to edit you.

    In the meantime, talk to some friends and family…or get some professional help.

    Have a nice day

  7. semilla amarilla

    wuzzup moon
    almost done with finals.
    5 finals in two days then i can get some sleep.
    it was rough going today.
    i got beat up real good.
    i miss watching tv sometimes.
    i just have time these days.
    cici turned 5. i got her march of the penguins and polar express.
    have you seen any of those films?
    i know this has nothing to do with your blog.
    i feel so out of touch.
    just wanna stop by and send warm southern california weather greetings you way.
    i got word from weso in costa rica via gmail this morning.
    he’s trying to bring back the flatback bass we used so much in the man or road and xalapa days.

    peace and love

  8. semilla amarilla

    line 7:: no time

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