Moving Right Along 24 February 2006

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If this thing is working properly, it should entertain you until I come up with something good to write about.

Feel free to dig around in the older posts. Drop a comment. Click on stuff. Drop a comment. There’s a gang of goodness hither and tither…don’t sleep on the blogroll. Have you checked out the blogroll? You haven’t? Well what are you waiting for?

This isn’t Sesame Street.

Go. Click on stuff. Read all of it. Everything.

There’s a quiz. Monday!?



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9 responses to “Moving Right Along 24 February 2006

  1. Anonymous

    superblack, how about rights for health care in the united nations constitution.
    my friend sigit was having trouble accessing the links and the sites related to it.
    its been a beautiful day.
    i hope to rendevous circa sabado en la tarde guey.

  2. semilla amarilla

    and love

  3. good heads up, Anonymous…I’d love to see the links.

    But…the United Nations is already ignored by “the Corporate Ameri©an Politician”, unfortunately the United Nations is going to need a military branch to get the attention of rogue nations such as “The United States of America”.

    The idea of universal health care in the U.S., should have been tackled in President Eisenhower’s era…unfortunately that idea sounded too much like “socialism” ,then and now…for corporate fat cats who love privatized medicine and the kickbacks.

    The idea that we could be paying for “universal health care” here in America with a portion of the money being spent in “Operation You Tried to Kill My Father…Give Me that Oil, Sandnigger!!!…And stop looking at those Jews Funny!?!?!?” is beyond suspect.

    By the way…what happened to the protests against Bush/his War/his administration? After that second election…where’d the “so-called” left go? Do we like this administration now? Hello? Anybody? Is this thing on…?!?!?!

    We in the U.S. should be first in this push for universal health care.
    We are the “so-called” richest nation in the world, but look in any doorway in any downtown in America afterdark…that is the only security “we” have really.

    Also…we can’t put our eggs exclusively in the basket of western medicine. We can’t live with the pedal to the medal (eating whatever, drinking + smoking, etc.) and expect a great quality of life.

    We should be a lot more in tuned with where our food comes from, is it in season? is it genetically modified? are we exchanging “twinkies” for fresh fruit in some terribly lopsided deal with a “developing” nation?

    I mean…we live on Coke and Dorito’s then want to cry about kidney stones and obesity. So much of American life is so contrary. It really isn’t the “best” of anything, more like the “most” of everything and anything.

    I’d like to see universal healthcare as well as universal awareness, and universal knowledge of self.

    The norm just ain’t normal anymore…by any stretch of the imagination.

    Excellent suggestion, Anonymous.
    I’ll see what I can find on the topic.

  4. Anonymous

    superblack, thanks for your comments on health care.
    could you check out
    i understand that they are based the in san francisco.
    it sounds like some brothers you know.

  5. The wonder of “next blog” button on wordpress. Made me discover your blog. Hello from Paris (France). Still cold out here. Bird Flu on our doorstep. You must be “in” music.

  6. I’ve looked at, “Anonymous”…looks interesting. I’ve signed up for more info. I’ll keep us all posted about this organization.

    What’s up,”techbee”? Careful of that avian flu. Might I suggest tons and tons of ginger. I like to just dice it up and steep it in hot water for a good 5 minutes.

    I am music…as far as how “in” it I am at the moment, “not very” is the answer. San Fran is a d.j.’s town, I could very well d.j. more, but the reason I’m not as “in” the music as I should be is my contempt for American crowds…they’re there for the alchohol 85% and glad to be out of the house seeing and being seen the other 15%.

    Are you “in” music as well? I hear it’s the “weapon” of the future…(Ashley Simpson is killing me,by the way).

    Do you have a blog as well…I’d love to take a peek if so.

    Oh, and about the weather…I washed the car saturday, so it’s looking like Noah’s Ark around here as of Monday!!! *good grief*

    keep warm,y’all…

  7. Anonymous

    ya man, the rains finally stopped in socal where i am.
    is ashley simpson a musician?
    im out the loop brother man….
    is she bart’s brother who plays barisax?
    i’m out of it

  8. *whistle blows, yellow flag is thrown into post*

    Illegal use of the words “brother” and ” man”.

    2 day comment moratorium, for “Anonymous”

    3rd down.

  9. Anonymous

    oh maing
    why cant we just dance

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