Building the BETTER brand 8 Februrary 06

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Hot off the heels of a missed oppurtunity of GINORMOUS proportions, I’ve

a.)shot smoke out of my ears

b.)cussed out “someones” kitten

c.)flipped off at least 15,000 people on my way home from “said” snafu.

d.)realized I could do nothing really but become even more dangerous, i.e., BETTER.

No, I’m not taking any classes yet, but I am looking into taking this place into more of a creative place.

All those ideas I was talking about earlier would/will be even better when they’re paying for my parents to go to college, or a nice house in the suburbs or a Hummer. Y’know, I’ve got “American Dreams” too.

So starting in March, I’ll be offering webcam shows of the life of a real black man, trying to get the rest of the world to accept the fact that

a.)not all black people smoke menthols.

b.)watermelon is out of season

c.)my breasts are real

d.)I’m not obsessed with what “white” people think of me

d.) I really don’t have a television…really. Imagine that.

With that said, I’m noticing that the amount of readers is steadily increasing…yet I’m low on the comments. Don’t be afraid to agree or disagree around here. Speak up, just like in real life your words/perspectives also need to be heard.

So let’s look forward to bigger and better ideas, more interaction and an endless sea of products that you can pay me for.





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3 responses to “Building the BETTER brand 8 Februrary 06

  1. L from D block

    just remember Life is, in this order:
    1 Sweartshirts
    2 Khaki’s
    3 Pokey Schnaks
    PS I dont mean to air our personal biz, but the “missed oppurtunity of GINORMOUS proportions” merits this. HANG tuff—
    Ron from D block

  2. I gotta touch the sky, maine…for Butch/Patches, I tol’ him I was gon’ do this.

    And for lil’ C-Mo.

    D Block 4 Life…

    somebody betta call the F.B.I., this NGH dangerous.

    that oppurtnunity was bootywackjuice, come to think of it.

    I want these cats to court me like I got 44 double D’s

    g’yeah…(checking that list…checking it 2wice, who the f&$k’s flava is as naughty or nice tSBWo…© is coming to town).


  3. semilla amarilla

    o oh

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