Google-Free-Word-Association-Jazz 31 January 06

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The American Psyche…capturing/invading the minds of the world one sucker at a time. I’m fascinated by our (America’s) devotion to a very primary notion of the ideal Freedom. Watching, and sometimes running with (the flock) at the slightest prompt of whatever “blue light special” falls upon the cultural landscape (for example: the modern concepts of “ghetto”, “niggers”, “them”, “us”…stuff like that,ya know?) and embeds itself…whether positively or negatively, for better or for worse into our lives and becomes a part of our collective unconscious perspective.So I invented a game, for those times when I want to get a head start on reading inbetween the lines (A mandatory act, when engaging in any and all media).

I call it, Google-Free-Word-Association-Jazz. And with your consideration in mind…it is easy.

Pick a topic, any topic. Break it down to the simplest word or phrase that you can and Google© it, either a web search or a Google© Image search.

At best you will get a number of randomly succinct takes on the word or phrase, at the worst…a number of randomly succinct looks at the depths of ignorance. Google© is a living encyclopedia…a living museum of the American/Western worldview.

It’s the perfect game to play while watching/waiting on the clock at work. It’s an amazing party game. It’s even fun when your stoned.



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