Ideas…So many ideas… 27 January 06

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I’ve got so many ideas knocking around in my head.

This is where the frustration begins…

*takes deep breath*

one at a time… I must remember not to try to put them in any order (they usually let me know the priority), just…one at a time.

*takes another deep breath*

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But…I just got one of these (whaddup C-Dub/Joy?)…MAN!!!

This thing is ridiculous, it’s about the size of a stick of gum. It takes one AA battery. It records 20 hrs of voice recordings (i.e., it’s a fancy dictaphone…which I totally dig) which it has a tiny lil’ mic for. It has a USB port,which allows you to store MP3’s. It has a 1/2 inch line in plug, which allows me to record vinyl off of my portable turntable directly into the jiggyboom…uhhhhm??? (digging spots…beware)


It’s not the fanciest toy in town…but it’s practical. ( Oh yeah….it has an A/B loop feature, so hell yeah, I’ve been walking down the street looping “found sounds”, hipster dialogue, beggars-a-beggin’, crackhead dialogue, yuppie dialogue, homeboy dialogue, gay dialogue, chinese/russian/pinoy/latino dialogue, beatboxing…you get the picture, right?). Not necessarily an iPod substitute (send any 60gig Black Video iPods to me c/o “the Super Black World of…©”, thanks in advance), but a perfect all in one electronic gadget for people like me. Full of ideas.

Oh yeah…it’s time some of these ideas made me some money again.

I’ll end it hear, before I get negative and start cussing.

over and out


in other news:

Image Hosted by If you haven’t heard Youssou N’dour’s “Egypt” album…please make a point to do so. Youssou and Cairo’s Fathay Salama Orchestra were made for each other, in my opinion, and I don’t want him to go back to making those wind chimey “world music” albums.

Oh yeah…this record ain’t in English. So don’t go looking for slow jams or club bangers…though I would consider much of the album suitable for either.



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3 responses to “Ideas…So many ideas… 27 January 06

  1. Anonymous

    one thing at a time
    one step at a time
    one day at a time

    i through the same thing everyday
    soon, there will be enough time to do everything
    it will all get done

  2. oh….and i recommend travel to senegal and egypt as well.

  3. oh yeah…make all international flight donations to “the Super Black World of…” ©

    my bag is packed.

    homegirl is on her way to Kenya next month ( I ain’t going ),liminality, have you been there and do you have any recommendations if so?

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