a Public Service Announcement from “the Super Black World of…”© 24 Jan 06

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7 responses to “a Public Service Announcement from “the Super Black World of…”© 24 Jan 06

  1. semilla amarilla

    mmmm mmmm

  2. semilla amarilla

    crack makes you fast
    pot makes you fat
    beans make you fart
    rice makes you smart

  3. Hey y’all …
    here is an interesting short film about WHERE/HOW the COCAINE/CRACK gets into all of our community’s…before the homeboy’s ever get their hands on a crumb or a kilo.


    what do you think of this?

    Are the video segments and the information in them out of context?
    Are they factual? Who’s challenged them, successfully?
    Wasn’t Bush 1 head of the “folks” ?

    All I know is that in 1981, something changed in the black community.
    Who put the schitt in the game in the first place? That’s all I want to know.

    Oh, I’ll watch the video again.

  4. semilla amarilla

    i remember those times.
    schitt definitely was in the game.
    i became an addict.
    crack was more affordable than humboldt kind.
    people came to my gig on haight street and try to sell me candy while i was playing.
    how i am still alive is a miracle.
    it was not only the black community that got affected.
    although i saw black communites destroyed.
    i will not recognize western addition or lower haight anymore.
    they moved them out after crack destroyed them.

    as for the question of cia involvement in the trafficking of it, seems to me the powers that be all the way down to the local precinct was involved.

    kerry must have known about if he was at all in vietnam. he ran a boat.

    oliver north? american ingenuity.
    contraband is just another brand name in the game.

    ultimately, it is a failure that everyone has to take responsibility for.
    one has to present or give solutions to the root of the problem.

    family, morals, truth, ethics… if there is no foundation on truth, light and the way, we are losers and involuntary participants of the great evil destroying our very existense.

  5. I don’t think ‘EVERYONE’ has to take responsibility…

    Those who were affected but never smoked or sold it are not directly responsible for this poison changing their environments.

    This was coast to coast epidemic in predominantly black/poor/urban areas first. Anyone hanging in those areas tuff enough to start smoking is regarded the same as, and is also the target.

    The solution to the problem is to own that desire to earn a fastbuck,own that desire to get just a little bit higher.
    The solution to the problem is to be able to turn to your base and find a reason why, and a reason how to keep living.

    Unfortunately the light of truth will have to shine on those responsible for the genocide. Just like those smallpox blankets that were handed out to the natives…history should tell these stories responsibly.
    Also let’s have some truthful perspective in the genesis of H.I.V.,
    the battle of the sexes, self-esteem issues, poor nutrition,and the whole lot of isms & schisms. Let’s talk about this stuff minus the lies and hyperbole of the perpetrators.

    I’m all about the light of truth, but if I’m a bystander witnessing ‘schitt’ being dumped into the game…on purpose?!?! My hostility is righteous.
    Not partisan politics. Does this make me an insurgent? Wasnt’ this country started by insurgents?
    Do you see my point? We usually can’t get anywhere in discussions like this without splitting hairs/semantics to protect what/whom?

    I don’t have much trust for a Democrat or a Republican at this point, Gino. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe “a” system can’t work.
    Just like I don’t invest much trust/stock in “white washed” Jesuses or bibles attributed to Empires removed from the actual factual stories told in the book. Yet, that doesn’t mean I don’t have faith in “a” God.

    I like this new conservative Semilla Amarilla, the same as I liked the carefree one, and I’ve still got your back. But, that stuff needs to get checked, my brudda.

    Yes, we are treading around in a cesspool,yes this is the greatest society on earth. Notice the duality? Seems the pro’s and con’s of what make this place a brilliant social experiment are protected by a constitution that was built on sand.

    Yes, we all have a common history as Americans in America. But there was schitt in the game before America was even a twinkle in the worlds eye.

    My solution is to chip away at these constructs of “black & white”, “us & them”, “ours/theirs”…none of that schitt is natural when you’re talking about people living on a planet…NEEDING THE EXACT SAME THINGS AS THE OTHER.

    I’m working on my knowledge of self angle, from the ONE on down.
    I’m not excluding anyone.

    *hold that thought*

  6. semilla amarilla

    why cant we just dance.

    that —– with a high voice

    you’re right…
    i gotta check it…

    i cant wait to the day we all play again.
    its been a long long time bro.

    its all we gotta do sometimes.


  7. Man…are we ever gonna dance, when we get to dancing.

    It’s gon’ be a paaarrrrrrtaaaaaay.

    Hey…you survived. I ain’t mad at you. I love you,man.

    I survived, too.

    Now it’s time to tell the story. Just like…who was that dude that was @ Pusod from Mindanao…? Not Bobby Banduria….
    JOEY AYALA!!!!
    We have a story to tell. That is our responsibility.
    We survived, thus far.

    And I don’t plan on falling off, especially into no trap designed by the devil, ya know?

    if anybody reads this and thinks, “d., sounding like Farrakhan a little”.
    Farrakhan made/makes mistakes with all of the knowledge of self he has too, but we talking ’bout cats that CAN PLAN TO TAKE YOU/US OUT.

    anybody that can justify “X”-ing out anyone is wrong.

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