Remember M.L.K., Beyond Vietnam *speech* 16 January 06

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One response to “Remember M.L.K., Beyond Vietnam *speech* 16 January 06

  1. I’ve never been big on holidays…(for a number of reasons), BUT…there is something that I really like about “M.L.K. day”.

    For one it’s authentic…Martin Luther King Jr. actually stood for (AND died for) something. If you don’t think “fighting for justice and equality” is worthy of national remembrance…again I ask you…leave this place, never to return.

    Also, I remember Stevie Wonder PUSHING BIG TIME to have a day for you (Dr.King) set aside, in the Reagan 80’s no less. There was resistance (I still can’t say if you’re holiday is recognized in my mothers new home state of Arizona); It seemed to be the last gasp of a movement you helped start.

    Oh yeah, I’m one of those little “black boys” you were dreaming about in that nebulous “one day” in your infamous “I have a dream speech”.

    Well Dr. King,…nearly 40 years after your death, and I too share your dream, in our current day and age. I also live it…still struggling to define “the dream”, still struggling to rule my destiny, still here…thinking about the work that you started.

    I’ve read your letters from jail…I’ve watched “jail” become a bizarre rite of passage for other black men and boys, and I wonder what/where “the struggle” really is for them. The communities black folks live in have changed since you’ve been gone. The dream has switched up a little bit. You can hear it in the prayers of new mothers ,and the prayers of mothers that wonder and worry about their children LOST in the traps.

    rambling…rambling…rambling, isn’t that what dreamers do?

    Let me also take this time to wish my mother a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You created a monster with those “black history flash cards” Rhonda, a day just ain’t a day unless we bring some LIGHT to the TRUTH.

    I love you Ma.

    Thank you

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