A P.S.A. : from FISHBONE © 9 January 2006

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( gone ahead and clink dat lank )
take a look at their new video, a cover of Sublime’s “Date Rape”,


is probably the first question you asked. ( I guarantee you…my mother is reading this and rolling her eyes, her 1st question was “FISHBONE©?, oh, boy…” )

but TRUST ME, it’s good fun…

These guys have been on my favorites list for a long time, they STILL put on a great show after nearly 25 years (Angelo Moore is easily in my top 3 performers to catch live…, #2 is Prince, and #1 is probably someone who’s dead…O.K., let me get back to you on #1)

and honestly, when is the last time you saw a 8 black guys in a band (playing instruments), outside of church ?


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