An Adult Story…for children 5 January 2006

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I woke up early this morning, to tell myself something…

said I woke up early this morning…to tell myself something.

Now, I don’t remember what it was…so I got some grits jumping.

A few eggs later, I finished my juiced.

Just then a voice in my head said, “man, what’s wrong with you?”

I said, brother my back hurts & my time I do waste, but if you came here

to worry me, please leave…post-haste.

The voice disappeared, and I switched gears.

It’s time for a walk, the skies look pretty clear.

Man-alive…feels good to be outside, seems like the whole wide world is before my own eyes.

As I strolled amongst the trees, I heard a familiar chatter.

It was that voice again asking, “say bro, what’s the matter?”

Without missing a beat this time, I decided we’ll speak.

I said…’man, my woman loves me…but my money is funny, I’m smart & handsome…but sometimes I feel like a dummy, one minute I feel good, grand like the Golden Gate…next minute I’m tired, cranky AND irrate’.

I said what about you, you ever feel this way?

The voice said, “man, I been hanging out with you all day

I said, okay then…you already know the deal.

Without missing a beat the voice shot back, “dear brother, get real

I asked, “say voice inside…,what’s the matter with you?

the voice said,

After all I’ve done and given to you, in 5 whole days time, not a 1 Thank You.”

the end

p.s. remember to thank yourself kids


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