2006 A.D. ¡ HAPPY NEW YEAR !

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outside my window

2005 is certainly one for the record books, I’m glad and sad to see it go.

I wish you all the best in the NEW YEAR, good luck.

Congrats to all the babies born this year, good job. (Malik a.k.a Lil’ Big Daddy, and Ja’nae).

Mike and Maile and Kaili…get ready!!!

Congrats to all of the new marriages (Mom & Steve, Matt & Erika)

Good luck to all the lotto players (Dad)


Old people, stick around.

Young people, prove that youth is not wasted on you.

Women and Men be nice and good to each other.

Continued prayers and blessings to all of us, especially those touched by the hurricanes in the southern U.S., and the tsunami in south Asia, the earthquakes in central Asia and central Amercia.


Stay strong.

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