Mad Hot Ballroom 30 December 05

O.k., so maybe the secret agenda of my blog is that I want to save the world.
If there were time to do it one soul at a time, I’d have lunch with all of you.

Instead, I’ll share my weltanschauung with you, and as much insight as I can each time (before I have to rap it up and hop in the dream machine with my lady).

(to my grandmother: Aurelia, I actually learned the word “weltanschauung” in my very short tenure at Central State University…where I lost most of my faith in higher education. I learned it from a book I actually stole from the library, “Arthur Schopenhauer’s: The Pessimist Handbook”

for the record, I eventually found western philosophy too hostile and cynical and currently oppose it with a rugged but folksy optimism)

*back to Mad Hot Ballroom*

First let me say this:
¡¡¡Teachers need to get paid some real goddamn money!!!
¡¡¡Children also need the arts to go with their propaganda…I mean EDUCATION!!!

Oh yeah,


*so yeah, back to Mad Hot Ballroom*

So, I’m watching this movie. Which takes place in N.Y.C., and the gist of it is that:

“6,000 kids, 60 schools, 10 weeks, 1 dream”


Okay, in short…this movie is was awesome.

You get to see children inspired. Yes they’re competing…but the trophy and the title of winner are really insignifigant in the big picture of what is being facillitated.

I think of my friend Wes, who uses Capoeira to build bridges between Palestinian and Israeli children.

(link: )

(Seeds of Peace link: )

Movement as an artform, movement to enlighten spirit in the flesh, movement to inform oneself and others.

I have not yet seen the movie Rize, but it’s on the list.

Yes, I too am over entertained, but I dare to find meaning in everything I watch or listen to.
In my opnion this is how you build and maintain a culture.

When you watch “Mad Hot Ballroom”, recognize that you are watching a revolutinary statement.

The story centers mainly on a school in Manhattan who’s students are predominately Latino/Black, and according to the film 97% of the students in the school live below the poverty line.

The students engage in various styles of dance (meringue, tango, swing, among others) and you can literally see them growing little tiny buds of rationale (win or lose).

I mean, yeah…it’s a movie. The kids don’t just float off to heaven and live happily everafter once the credits roll, but it makes you wonder how much more needs to be applied…just to achieve that little bit that it takes to connect with youngsters.

Will I sign up to teach children anything?

Maybe… I should.

Every kid deserves a fair amount of guidance and good teachers.




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  1. on the money again bruv

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