Home, home on the range…This little light of mine… 27 December 05

Where the dear and the antelope play.


Welcome aboard readers. I don’t know what this blog is going to be about. I never intended to have a blog. It seems that blogs are all about recording information you’d normally share intimately via a phone conversation or an e-mail.

So…consider this my new cyber home. A place where you can come and “check me out”, and all of my inert ideas and fantasies, also in the ones that are born with vitality and grow into a full grown life of their own.

I consider this my bulletin board to you, the folks that find me here…on my cybersoapbox…pontificating the significance or insignifigance of anything from nutella to quantum physics.

You should just be commited to the idea of enjoying, or constructively figuring out why you don’t enjoy this humble little corner of the vast and irrelevant cyber galaxy.



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